Highlights of the Friday, March 23rd boys soccer game, between #2 Jackson at #4 Lander.

Scroll down to watch the highlights of the game!

Freshman Juan Morillon would score all 4 Jackson goals, leading his team to a road win at Lander.



Well…boys will be boys…and where there’s a mountain of dirt, there will always be a game of king of the mountain!

Number 2 Jackson at number 4 Lander…first half…Jackson wearing the black…watch the moves by Juan Morillon…through the defenders legs and find the near side of the net…that takes some skill! Visitors get on the scoreboard first, leading 1-to-nothing.

The Broncs were on the attack again a short time later…Morillon’s try is blocked…Miguel Cortez has a great chance to knock in the rebound, but as you saw….he put wayyy too much into that try. The score remain 1-nil going into halftime.

2nd half…both teams now going in the opposite direction…Cortez was just having one of those games…he had enough to get the ball over the wall of defenders…and enough to get over the cross-bar as well…the breaks were just not going his way in this game.

Here comes another great opportunity…the shot goes wide…Cortez is in the spot that he’s supposed to be in…maybe he just gets a little too excited. Give the sophomore credit…he’s doing a good job…he just over-does it at times. One of these days though…one of these days.

On the other end…Lander was making the best of their opportunities…Kyle Leemon keeps the ball low and bounces one right past the goalie and into the net for an equalizer…that’s how you’re supposed to do it…and the Tigers have tied this game up at 1 goal a piece.

However it did not take long for Jackson to answer back…in fact they only needed about 2 minutes…Morillon will fire one off of the goalie’s hand and into the far side of the net…that was a pretty good shot and just like that…the Broncs have reclaimed the lead, up 2-to-1.

And there was more to come…this guy is just a freshman…and he’s putting on moves like this…he’s looking for the hat trick and he’s got a shot, but on this one…he’ll get denied by the goal-post…that’s probably one that he wanted to have back, but he would get more opportunities as you’re about to see.

Here comes another try for the boys in black…Francisco Saldana uses his head to set it up…and Morillon gets the finish…finding the top shelf in the process…he’s got his trifecta…and the visitors now have a 3-to-1 advantage.

Get this…he was not yet done…here comes Morrillon again on a fast break…he’ll slip it by the goalie…and this time gets a friendly bounce off of the goal post…that’s 3 goals in about 8 minutes for a freshman! Jackson is now in command of this game…leading 4-to-1.

As for the opposition…well they were not ready to roll over…Joshua Thorn will connect on the penalty kick try for the home team…but in the end, it was not enough as Lander would fall at home against the opposition…4-to-2.