Highlights of the Tuesday, May 1st boys soccer game, between #3 Worland at #1 Buffalo.

Scroll down to watch the highlights of the game!

The senior Warrior would establish himself as the leading scorer in the state, as his team would beat the then #1 ranked Bison, on the road.



I know, I know, it’s not real, but regardless…great spot, with a great view of a great game.

Number 3 Worland at Number 1 Buffalo…first half…Worland wearing the black…Bryce Overcast with the initial shot…Kris Mull with some redirection and the opposition would accidentally knock the ball into their own net. Hey, they’ll take it. Mull gets the credit because he was the last Warrior player to touch the ball, and his team is up 1-to-nothing.

The Bison would eventually answer…off of the free kick…Kalob Rodriguez and James Musselman come together in mid-air and the plan worked. Ian Feather tried to break it up and the net was open as a result. The ref gave the goal to Rodriguez and this game is tied at 1-goal a-piece.

Moving on…the Bison were trying to put together a stampede. Rodriguez tries to finish the job, but Feather rushes out in time. He did not make the save, but he did just enough to make sure that ball did get by again. We’re still tied at 1, going into halftime.

2nd half…things went back and forth…Jacob McGarvin is going to give it a try for the visitors…and Neil Medders had to dive to swat that shot out of bounds. Both goalies had their work cut out for them in this game.

On the other end…we got quite the traffic jam forming in box. Feather is not going to take any chances and he’ll corral that ball before any more damage could be done.

Ever since Buffalo built their new school and field about 6-or-7 years ago…they have never lost at home coming into this game. They put up some great shots, but Feather had some equally great saves…and there was more to come.

Last-years state runner ups kept pressing their attack, but Feather brought his ‘A’ game defense for Worland. He barely got a hand on that ball and that one was close, but it stayed out. Nothing doing in the 2nd 40 minutes, so this game is heading into overtime.

At least, we think it’s heading into overtime…it would be nice if the scoreboard and the clock was working.

In the extra time…the boys in black had something going. Overcast finds an open passing lane…he’ll feed the ball to Mull who has a shot and takes it to the far side and connects for a goal. That was a huge momentum shifter as the Warriors have reclaimed the lead by a count of 2-to-1.

Remember…soccer is not sudden death, so the 2 teams kept playing. We’re now in the second 10 minutes…Medders can not reel in the free kick, and Mull was in the right place at the right time to make him pay. That’s why he’s the leading scorer in the state with 24 goals on the season so far. Worland pulls off a road stunner in Buffalo in overtime…3-to-1.