Highlights of the Sunday, July 14th, legion baseball game, between the Lovell Mustangs vs. the Riverton Raiders, played in Douglas.

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Steven Pickett went the distance for Lovell, and avoid a late Riverton comeback to lead his team to victory.



That dog played fetch with a few too many foul balls...but a good nap in the shade will fix that problem quickly.

The Lovell Mustangs vs. the Riverton Raiders in a wood bat game in Douglas...bottom of the first...Riverton wearing the white...Nathan Hatfield will send a Texas Leaguer to center field to get things started...that will allow Ryan Axthelim to score from third as the Raiders would go up 1-to-nothing.

Top of the 2nd...the opposition would strike back...Dawson Forcella will send a ball through the defense and into left field for a base hit of his own...Tony Rodriguez had no plans to stay at third and he'll run all the way home on this play to tie up the score at 1-1.

A few batters later...Dylan Hultgren will dribble a ball up the middle for a single with 2 runners in scoring position...Forcella will score easily...and Caleb Horrocks will cut things a little close but he'll make it in as well...to give the Mustangs a 3-to-1 advantage.

Bottom of the second...Steven Pickett pitching for Lovell, and after giving up that run earlier...he would settle down for the rest of the game...and opposing batters had problem dealing with him.

Top of the third...the Riverton defense would make a play...Baylor Beers fires to Axthelim who will lay down the tag at second, to take out the runner. The Mustangs though would get a run in on a bases-loaded walk to eventually go up 4-to-1.

Bottom of the 3rd...Pickett with a powerful paralyzing perfect pacadermous percussion pitch...that's Bugs Bunny if you need to know...anyhow, that's strike 3 and the batter is out.

Top of the 4th...Devin Matsen did a pretty good job on the mound himself in relief...he got a few victims along the way...he just needed some run support, which he was not getting.

He was though...getting some defense...Beers and Axthelim hook up again...at first, the runner was safe, but then he over-slid the bag. You got to pay attention on where it is and time your slide right, and that did not happen on that play.

Bottom of the 4th...Pickett still pitching for Lovell...next! He went the distance...got about half a dozen punchouts or so, which is usually a good day at the office.

Top of the 5th...don't blink on this one...because Matsen was wide awake...that's how you end an inning...but the Raiders were still having problems getting runs across and still trail 4-to-1.

Top of the 6th...don't blink again...because the runner at first did...there's one...and then Matsen and Ridge McCoy will team-up to complete the double play. Defense was certainly keeping Riverton in this game.

Top of the 7th...bases loaded...and Matsen is going to make sure they stay that way! He and his team-mates need to get the bats going, because now they're down to their last chance.

Bottom of the 7th...they produced a little bit...with some help...McCoy puts the ball in play...Lovell can't handle it...all hands are safe...Axthelim scores a much needed run, but it not enough...as the Mustangs would take this one...by a score of 4-to-2.