Tongue River high school will not field a football team this season due to a lack of players. reports that school Superintendent Marty Kobza explained they did not have enough participants to safely field a team.   They had eleven kids, but that would make each of them play every down of the game, something they didn't feel was in the best interest.  Only 15 kids showed up for the first few days of practice.

There is an agreement that TR kids that still want to play will do so for Big Horn High School.

Kobza said combining the two teams will allow for them to have a full Junior Varsity schedule and to add some Freshman games to the schedule as well.


Last year, Shoshoni was in a similar problem with sometimes suiting up only 12 or 13 kids.  There were several times during the year they had only 10 men on the field for several plays at a time.