Video highlights of the Thursday, January 16th girls basketball game, between 2A Sundance at #2 1A Upton.

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Senior Kacie O'Conner scored 30 points and pulled down 10 rebounds, as the Lady Bulldogs went on a 17-4 run to close out the game, vs. the previously unbeaten Lady Bobcats.



We finally figured out what that space was, that's between the end of the bleachers, and the back wall of the's a play area for the kids! Make sense!

Sundance at #2 a 2A vs. 1A matchup...first quarter...Upton wearing the white...this game is tied at 2...Sophie Claycomb is reaching for the sky on this shot and pulls down 3...that got her 10 point game started, and her team is ahead 5-to-2.

They tried to pick up the pace, but Sundance was able to keep up...Kelsie Loken with the rejection up close, and you are going to have to be a little faster than that to get one over her.

On the other side...the Lady Bulldogs were upholding their end in this game of dogs vs. cats...Krista Drentlaw assists Cayla Adams who will put in 2 of her they would take the lead back...up 6-to-5.

They would mix up their attack plan...and when they could not score up close...they would take it outside...Adams strikes from the free throw line this the visitors would open up an 8-5 advantage.

The Lady Bobcats would keep this game close and interesting...Bailey Parrish gets a friendly bounce and the drop for put her team down, only by a score of 8-to-7.

The home team was showing why they were undefeated coming into this game...they have a few moves...Claycomb will provide a give the advantage back to her team...up 9-to-8.

But the opposition had yet to unleash their main scoring threat...Kacie O'Conner...and the senior has some moves of her own...she would help Sundance take a 12-to-9 lead after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter...the Lady Bulldogs were keeping things in the pack...Brooklyn Fossen takes the inside pass and scores as quickly as she got her hands on the ball...that would maintain the lead at 3 at 14-to-11.

...and sometimes they went back to earlier plays that worked...Adams pops and hits from the free throw line to add give the visitors a 16-to-11 lead.

Upton though...knows a thing or 2 about playing as a team as good on the first try, but Claycomb has her team-mate's back and took care of things herself...we are back to a 1 point game...trailing 16-to-15.

The defense at times...would help set up the offense...Jacayla Dowdy gets the turnover...then fires ahead to Erin Crawford who will finish on the far the Lady Bobcats would take the lead back...and are up 20-to-18.

Then the see-saw would go back and forth a few times...O'Conner is in the corner...a catch-n-shoot and she's got 3...the coach's daughter had quite a game...Sundance would go back up 21-20.

Back comes the home team...Dowdy will make her contribution...and had to wait a few seconds for it...but her patience payed off...the scoreboard reads her team with 22, and the other team with 21.

Now on the near side again...and here comes Sundance...Fossen was standing on the line so she gets a very long 2, but it was enough for the lead to change hands it's 23-22.

Each team tried to make a move...but every time they did...the opposition countered...Crawford will try to change all of that with this 3-ball...she would pour in a dozen for her team and this game is even at 25-all. will just run into one of those moments, where you say to heck with it...and just shoot...that would describe this play for Parrish, and Upton was pleased, because they were ahead, 27-25, going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...not too much happening, but there were a few moments...Crawford may have won the battle by stealing the ball from O'Conner...but she was giving up 7 inches...and there was no way she was going to win the war in this 1-on-1 was worth a try though and she was taking it in stride.

More defense for Sundance...this time Loken will swat Claycomb's base-line drive attempt...her team was stepping up their game on both sides of the ball, and it would eventually pay off.

Now they needed some offense as well, because the Lady Bulldogs were still trailing...O'Conner will take care of that problem...she had a double-double, but there's more to come, so I will tell you her numbers later...this game is knotted up at 27.

Speaking of offense...the home team had a hard time producing any at all...this putback by Kierra Brown ended up being their only 2 points of the quarter...but they would take the lead ahead 29-27.

The Lady Bulldogs did a little bit better, but it was not much either...don't tell that to O'Conner she scored all 5 points for her team....and her squad would go back up 30-to-29, going into the final 8 minutes.

Fourth quarter...Upton was trying a make a move and pull away...Dowdy is open...her team-mates find her and she finds 2 points, to build a 4 point's 34-to-30

...but O'Conner was keeping the visitors in this she will drive and get another 2 points to add on to her totals...and now her team trails by 2...the score is 34-to-32.

The home team was still looking for something big...they just needed someone to take that big shot...Crawford will answer the call with this 3...she was behind everyone, but we knew it was her...the cushion is at 5, with the scoreboard reading 37-32.

Free throws would get the opposition back to within 1, so Crawford decided to do something else...this baseline drive will net another 2 points...and her team is hanging on...leading 39-to-36.

...but the Lady Bulldogs still had O'Conner on the floor...and she produced big in the final quarter...most of which came from the charity stripe...30 points and 10 rebounds...and that 2 would put her team back on top 40-to-39.

The momentum was shifting and you could sense a breaking point was fast approaching with time running low...Loken scores quickly off of the inbounds, with 1 1/2 minutes to go...combined with free was a 17-to-4 run to close the Sundance would win on the road and give Upton their first loss on the season...53-to-43.