Highlights of the Friday, October 5th 6-man football game between #4 Guernsey at #3 Midwest.

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Trailing 8-6 early in the game, Midwest would score the next  47 points to blow the game wide open.



They may not be with the rest of the crowd, but at least they got the best view and the best protection from the snow…I’ll give them that.

Number 4 Guernsey at Number 3 Midwest…first quarter…Midwest wearing the maroon…Cameron Ray was thinking about throwing, and then he just decided to run it and he’s got room. The junior almost took it all the way from 40 yards, until the Viking defense was able to knock him down at the 1…that got the ball rolling, and now it was up to his team-mates to finish the job.

About 3 plays later…they would…Ray rolls out and he will find a very wide open Tony Butler for a 2-yard score, as the Oilers would get on the board first leading 6-to-nothing.

Now it’s Guernsey’s turn to show what they got, and they would unload and respond…Brady Esquibel almost lost his balance on the slippery grass…and then he’s throwing the deep bomb to Treasure Hollister who is wide open…he almost took it all the way, but Ray was able to drag him down at the 2…but not before the Vikings picked up about 55 yards on the play.

It did not take long to finish the job…Jonah Girard forces his way through for a 1 yard score…the visitors would kick for 2 and they would take the lead, 8-to-6.

It went back and forth for a little while…Midwest on their second possession…Ray has one target in mind…and behind the light post is Jaelin Miller…about 10 yards away…the home team has improved considerably since their game 1 loss to Dubois…they’re back on top 12-to-8 after the first 10 minutes.

Second quarter…More from the Oilers…this time they keep it on the ground…Miller takes a hit, but his kept his feet moving and fall across the goal line for another score, to put his team up 20-to-8 at this point.

How about some defense? The opposition is on the wrong end of the field…and Tucker Even likes it that way as the junior will get through the blockers and get the safety for his team...Midwest had the momentum and they were feeling it…now leading 22-to-8.

They would get the free kick and march and score again…this time Even is on offense and that Oiler is slippery when it comes to tackling him…everything is clicking for the home team and they lead 28-to-8 going into halftime.

3rd quarter…the snow was coming down, but that did not stop Midwest…Ray again was thinking about throwing, but he changed his mind and found the open lane and scores from 10 yards out untouched and he made that look easy…the scoreboard now reads 34-to-8.

Here comes more…and it’s Ray again…this time he just running. He’ll run over one would be tackler and the junior will not be denied. It’s been all home team as they have taken control…with a 40-to-8 advantage.

Let’s get someone else in here…this is Ely Ruebelmann…and I don’t think any Viking laid 1 finger on him…that makes a 44 yard run to the end zone all the more easier…now it’s 47-to-8, and although the Midwest offense was done…the scoring was not.

That means there’s some more defense on the way…and Hollister wanted this one back, because Ray is going to make him pay…check out the leap during the return…thank goodness for cleats in those slippery conditions…a 59 yard pick six to end the third quarter…and put the mercy rule into effect…Midwest has this one in the bag, up 53-to-8, and we still have to play 10 more minutes.

4th quarter…Guernsey’s offense finally showed up again…although now it’s way too late, but worth showing. Nice stiff arm by Esquibel and the Viking is gone 60 yards to Valhalla…it’s just a matter of pride now, but the score is a little more respectable at 53-to-14.

All right…one more and we’ll wrap it up…this game was over a long time ago…Hollister needs 1 yard and Luke Ibarra was in the neighborhood to catch the pass…but the visitors were in too deep of a hole to get out of at this point. The Oilers go on to win…53-to-20.