Highlights of the Sunday, July 7th, legion baseball game between the Evanston Outlaws at the Riverton Raiders.

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Having played a few days prior to this game, Evanston would beat Riverton again for the second Southwest Division win.

Ian Fisher pitched a complete game.



They got it made in the shade...just do not accuse them of always being out in right field!

The Evanston Outlaws at the Riverton Raiders...top of the first...Devin Matsen pitching for Riverton and he got off to a pretty good start with 2 strikeouts in the first 3 batters...and no runs given up there.

Bottom of the first...the Raiders were threatening, but the Outlaw defense would answer the call. Tucker Leland to Pat Asmus to James Asmus for the 6-4-3 double play. So far, this game was off to a decent start.

As for Evanston pitching...they only needed one...Ian Fisher was just getting his day started and you will see more from him later.

Top of the second...the visitors would load the bases...Cutter Silcox will send a fly ball to right field...this should be catch-able, but the ball was lost in the sun and that will drop for a single. Hunter Hicks scores the first run of the game...and a sacrifice fly later on, would make the score 2-nothing.

Top of the 3rd...Riverton's outfield was having a few problems trying to find those fly balls...here comes another one and it will not be caught...James Asmus would get a double on this play and an RBI in the form of Fischer who will help his own cause, and now it's a 3-zip score.

Despite the deficit...Matsen was able to maintain his composure...he got his share of strike-outs, now he just needs some run support.

Bottom of the 3rd...Riverton would load the bases...but had a hard time getting that runner in from 3rd...good run-in by Hicks on the dribbler and he'll get the ball to Will Kishpaugh in time and hang on after the collision...to get the force out at the plate, but that was just one, and the bases were still juiced.

The home team had the right idea, but they had to work on the execution...suicide squeeze, but you do not want to pop up the ball in that situation...there's one out...and the runner at third went 90 feet too far and his ship just got sunk. Credit to the visitors...good heads up defense.

Top of the 4th...the boys in blue now up 4-nothing...Robbie Nowicki will bounce into a fielders choice...the Raiders had a shot to get the runner out at home, but instead go for the force at first...another run is in as Pat Asmus touches the plate to make this a 5-zip ball game.

Later...at times...the boys in black were their own worst enemy...that's an error on what should have been an easy play...Leland has the green light to make this a 6-zero contest.

Now this highlight took luck and guts...that's a foul ball...and the batter is out...but check this out...Fisher is at third and he's making a break for it...he saw someone snoozing on defense and it payed off...plus extra as the ball will get away from the catcher...Kishpaugh will come all the way in from second and score himself...and now the Outlaws are in command of this game leading 8-zip.

Bottom of the 5th...Fisher still on the mound...and setting them down. This was a southwest division game between the 2 teams, and you could get a sense on which team was ready for this one.

Actually the 2 teams played a few days prior to this one and it was much closer...but Fisher was not in the mood to grant any mercy. Evanston just wanted to get this game over with.

Top of the 6th...the plan was to get the mercy rule into effect as soon as possible...we had a hard time finding the ball on this one, but it eventually ended up in left center field. Kishpaugh ended up with a double. Fisher trots in again, to make the score 9-nothing.

Next batter...Hicks...he'll tease the right field line and that ball will stay fair...a double for himself. Kishpaugh will complete his trip around the bags to put another run on the board, and now it's 10-zip.

Next batter...James Asmus...and the mental mistakes ended being Riverton's undoing...it's another double...Hicks is going to go home and the Outlaws are in good shape now leading 11-to-nothing.

Bottom of the 6th...Fisher was still going and it seemed that the longer he stayed on the mound, the better he got. The Outlaws chose well when they gave him the ball for this game.

But he did make 1 or 2 mistakes, and the Raider bats would finally get something going...Josiah Washington is going sky this ball towards right...the outfielder would take a leap of faith and nothing was there. Washington would ended up with a much needed triple when this play was over with...Ryan Axthelim is in, now the home team is down 11-to-1.

Now after all that...Riverton needed to get Washington in as well. Nate Hatfield will do the honors and bring his team-mate in, to get the deficit under 10...as the boys in black now find themselves trailing, 11-to-2.

Top of the 7th...Evanston would go back to their bag of tricks...Nowicki with a squeeze bunt...and the Raiders can not close the door as Silcox will slide for another run, to make it 12-to-2...and another run would come in on a bases loaded hit bats-man, to push the advantage up to 13-to-2.

...and they kept going...Hicks will drop a ball into right field for a base-hit...that would net him 2 R-B-I's in the form of Nowicki and Fisher...as the boys in blue were pouring it on...leading 15-to-2.

Bottom of the 7th...the come-back was going to be a long one...and Fisher would make sure that did not happen. A complete game 7 innings with 8 punch outs...as the Outlaws would beat the Raiders for the second time in as many games...15-to-2 was the score on this one.