Highlights of the Friday, September 28th football game between #2 Star Valley at #1 Powell.

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The Panthers would get 2 first half scores to hold up, and hold the Braves to more than 200 yards below their average, in a 1 vs. 2 battle.



Despite a 45-minute delay due to lightning…that did not extinguish the fire at the homecoming festivities!

Number 2 Star Valley at Number 1 Powell…first quarter…Powell wearing the black…Hayden Cragoe’s pass is tipped at the line of scrimmage and Kohl Battleson has himself an interception. He’ll return the ball into enemy territory, but the Braves could not do anything with it, and had to punt the ball away.

The defending 3A state champs would get back to work offensively…11 plays…91 yards…Cragoe is looking for Dewey Schwahn from 25 yards out, and the senior has his defender beat….the Panthers have the second best passing attack in class 3A…and they lead 3A in passing touchdowns…P-A-T no good, so it’s 6-to-nothing.

As for the Braves…they came into this game with the best turnover ratio in the state…you saw one earlier, but this was not one of those plays…bad exchange on the handoff…Brendon Phister recovers the fumble…and the home team would maintain their 6-zip advantage after the first 12 minutes.

2nd quarter…Powell would cash in on that turnover…Cragoe with the quick screen to Schwahn and the senior is going to take care of the rest and high step his way into the end zone from 17 yards out…he also does the kicking duties and would connect this time, so now it’s 13-to-nothing.

How about some defense? The Panthers have top defensive unit in 3A…and Cory Heny is going to let the opposition know why that is. These guys know how to hit somebody! And he’s just a junior…stay away from him.

More defense…Cragoe threw one interception earlier…and this time he’ll redeem himself with a pic of his own on the far side. Star Valley had the number 1 offense in Class 3A coming into this game…but the home team D held them to more than 2-hundred yards below average…it was 13-nothing going into halftime.

Now that’s a gentleman…you give the lady the umbrella…and you get wet! Take notes underclassmen!

3rd quarter…well…from a highlight prespective…the rest of this game was pretty boring. This was the only thing worth showing as the Star Valley quarterback ended getting swallowed by the Panther D…no one scored, so it’s still 13-zip going into the final 12 minutes.

4th quarter…the visitors had to get something going soon…it was very uncharacteristic of them to have a zero on the scoreboard…and Heny is going to make sure it stays that way with another interception. Defense dominated the 2nd half of this game, and you’re starting to see why.

Last chance for the Braves and it was not meant to be, as the snap is botched…Powell recovers. No scoring what-so-ever in the 2nd half, but if you were the home team…you did not need it. The Panthers…win the battle of undefeated teams…13-to-nothing.