The Riverton Ranger reports that Pat Patterson has been offered the position of head football coach and freshman science teacher at Riverton High School.

If confirmed by the District 25 board, Patterson will succeed Jeremy McCormick, who resigned as head football coach earlier this month.

Patterson has been the head football coach at AFHS for the past four seasons and coached his Beavers to an overall 18-18 record.

The School Board meets this upcoming Tuesday.

RHS activities director Jeremy Hill confirmed the offer to Patterson Wednesday and said Randy Weber and Keith Brauneis, the only two assistant coaches under contract, will attend football camp as coaches with Patterson.

In the past month, three assistants were not hired back with sparked four others to resign.  Shortly after that, McCormick tendered his resignation.

Patterson said he is aware of the recent turmoil in the football program at RHS and that he began his coaching at AFHS in a similar situation."There had been some turmoil. There was a lot of discontent in the community with the program, and it wasn't just the head coach. There was a lot of rigmarole going on. I'm not going to pay much attention to that stuff, We are going to go forward. I got together the best group of men that I could get together. I wanted guys that could relate to the kids, that were good men that I could rely on to be good, trustworthy men. When the game's over, in my 23 years of coaching I have never run a play. It is all the kids and the assistant coaches. To them go the accolades," Patterson said.