Video highlights and photos of the Tuesday, March 31st, 4A Boys Soccer Game, between Rock Springs at #2 Riverton.

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Both the Tigers and the Wolverines had a tough time cracking the each others defense, but the home team was able to knock one in late, to remain undefeated and unscored on.



Time travel exists! The future version of me looks pretty good...but I forgot my camera. At least now I can remind myself, for when I come back to 2015.

Rock Springs at #2 Riverton...first half...Riverton wearing the white...Caleb Richmond with a 40 yard free kick and the ball squirts away from Carroll Courtland...lucky for him, he had some backup to get rid of the ball, or else that would been a disaster.

On the other end...Rock Springs would try their own long distance attack...Joshuah Rawson launches a shot from 55 yards...he was right on target, but so was Brady Fullerton, who was able to hang on, or else he would have given up the first goal of the season.

The Tigers would give it another try...this is Slade Becker with a 25 yard strike...he would take the low road, and Fullerton would block the way again...the sophomore is one of the main reasons, that the Wolverines have yet to give up a goal so far this season. Nothing doing going into halftime.

Second half...both teams were still trading shots, and no one getting through...Deitrick Becker will try a free kick for the home team and Courtland will stop him. Both squads were undefeated coming into this game, and we had a feeling that it was going to be a low scoring contest.

Ok, enough with the free kicks...let's try an actual play...Jeremy Weber will try to go over the crowd instead of going through it...however Fullerton saw that one coming. No one was putting any pressure on him, and the Riverton goalie had some pretty easy saves at times.

Eventually, the shots would get closer...Sam McMennamy sees an opportunity and he did not miss by side was stepping up their game, and they knew if they could keep it up...something would eventually get in.

Rock Springs had to match their intensity...this attack was better...Fullerton manages to make the save, but there were more sharks in the water waiting to pounce just in case. However the sophomore would remain cool under pressure.

With about 12 minutes to go...something finally cracked...the redirected corner kick is blocked, but Courtland is not out of the woods just yet...Riverton would get control of the it to Brandon Fullerton and the only thing that the Tiger defense could do, was watch the ball go right them. We have a goal to this game, and the Wolverines are on the board, up 1-to-nothing.

There was still some time for the visitors to strike back...they would use their heads a lot on this attempt...but Brady Fullerton read their minds and put a stop to that. Riverton would end up getting a big conference win at home...1-nil.