Video highlights and photos of the Tuesday, April 8th, 4A Boys Soccer game, between Riverton at Kelly Walsh.

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The Wolverines used their speed to set up scoring opportunities, as the Trojans had trouble keeping up, as the game went on.   If you do spring-like activities such as roller-blading or playing soccer...then the spring like weather will show up. Not a bad theory.

Riverton at Kelly Walsh...first half...Riverton wearing the black...Tristan White is trying to get ahead of a defender and he figured that he better get the shot off, before he ran out of room...but that shot was right at Austin Haupt, who made that save look pretty routine...and the game would play on from there.

On the other end...Kelly Walsh was picking and choosing their shots as's a long range try from Jacob Thompson who saw a window of opportunity...however Ty Woodward would slam that window shut, and keep the ball out of the net...not much excitement in the first half, and we had no score, going into halftime.

Second half...both teams now going in the other direction and it did not take long for things to get interesting...the Trojan defense was so focused on stopping White, that they forgot about Scott was slightly confusing at first, but then we figured it out...White gets the assist, but we want give credit to Sowards, because he scored the goal...Wolverines lead 1-nothing.

The home team would strike back...Seth Romsa would get control of the loose ball and he has 2 defenders on him...he would get the shot off just in time and the far side of the net was open. It was a tough point, but he earned that one. We have ourselves a 1-1 tie, and this game was a long way from being over.

The visitors needed about 4 minutes to break the tie...and all they needed to do was give White the ball and he would take care of the rest...slips through 4 defenders...outruns another...his only choice was to aim for the far side of the net and you can tell someone has been practicing situations like that one...the junior was not going to be denied...and he has his team back in the lead...up 2-to-1.

Riverton was not done...this was a big conference game...Deitrick Becker with the corner kick...and at first we thought Caleb Richmond had something to do with this, but it turned out that Haupt could not hang on. That ball is in...Becker gets the credit for the the score is 3-to-1.

...and just in case...a little bit later...White was short-handed in a 1-on-2 pressure...just outrun the defender...and shoot over the goalie...not too difficult if you know what you are doing. The Wolverines would wear down Kelly Walsh in the second half, and that would open up scoring opportunities...they win on the road...4-to-1.