Highlights of the Saturday, March 31st girls soccer game, between #4 Central at #1 Sheridan.

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After falling behind early, the lady Broncs would recover by using a balanced scoring attack to double up the Lady Indians.



Well at least she came prepared for the hot and sunny weather…too bad I didn’t. I mean who would have thought we would need sunscreen in March?

Number 4 Central at Number 1 Sheridan…first half…Central wearing the red and they were knocking on the door about 10 minutes into the game…Madi Barber’s shot is blocked but Tristan Tyrrell was there to pick up the pieces and put the ball away. The freshman has earned her spot on the team and the Lady Indians lead 1-to-nothing.

Sheridan needed about 5 minutes to respond and they were in a hurry to do it. Rickie Ryan will split 2 defenders and now it’s a foot-race to the right side of the field…she’s in a tight spot between the defender and the goalie but she’ll find the room to squeeze the ball in for a goal…the Lady Broncs have been outscoring their opponents on a 5-to-1 margin so far this season…and plays like that are the reason why. This game is tied at 1 goal a piece.

The visitors would were looking to regain the lead and they had some decent looks at the net…Christie Schiel finds a lane through the defense but Bailey McLean will knock the ball out of the way. She reacted just in time to stop that one.

Later…Central would try again, this time from long range…Barber is about 40 yards out and she’s got the distance, but not enough height. Nice catch by McLean who had to reach up and bring that one back down. That ended up saving a point from going up on the scoreboard.

On the other end…the home team would show them how it’s done. Ryan has herself a pretty mean right leg. This shot goes off of the goalie’s fingertips and off the cross-bar and in. The senior was having a good game as her team would take a 2-to-1 lead going into halftime.

2nd half…they were looking for more, but this highlight was not meant to be. We’re not quite exactly sure where it happened…this looked like a good play…this looked like a good assist from Ryan…and this looked like a good goal by Noelle Golinvaux…but the truth is…it never officially happened. Sheridan got called offsides, so the point had to come down and we had to start all over.

So the Lady Broncs just had to try something else…which they did. Ryan was going for the hat-trick and it almost worked that time it bounced off of the cross-bar the wrong way. Not to worry though…Taylor Townsend and Erica O’Dell would rush in for the finish. When the dust settled O’Dell ended up getting the credit as the home team was starting to take control of this contest, up 3-to-1 at this point.

But they were not done…this highlight looks pretty simple compared to the last one…Ryan with a light assist to Golinvaux who was determined to get the goal back that was taken away from her earlier. Mission accomplished. Tyrrell would score again for Central with about 30 seconds to go, but Sheridan would have the score doubled up when the final whistle sounded. The Lady Broncs are now 8-and-oh, after winning this game, 4-to-2.