Highlights of the Friday, April 12th Boys Soccer game between #5 Star Valley at Cody.

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Both teams scored early, but the Braves were the ones who managed to score late to get the road win.



Give credit to the ball boys…they run around a lot, but consider it conditioning for when they are actually out on the field playing the game.

Number 5 Star Valley at Cody…first half…Star Valley wearing the black…this is Chance Merica on a free kick from 25 yards out…over the wall and the goalie was guarding the wrong side of the net. All he could do is watch the ball go by. About 8 minutes into this game, and the boys in black have grabbed a 1-nothing lead.

Cody was able to put something together, not long after that…nice move by Dan Dunn to get around one defender…the goalie is coming out…there’s no shot but there was Adam Preston who was able to finish what his team-mate started. That’s how you adjust on the fly and this contest is knotted up at 1 goal a-piece.

The Broncs would get another opportunity to score up close…Trey Kraut just had to get control of the ball, but that extra second allowed Ian Anderson to get himself into position and record a save. That probably was the last decent effort that the home team had to break the tie, and the junior goalie had a pretty easy time after that.

On the other end…the Braves were trying to do their thing…Dane Abrams with an even better move to get around his opponent. The only shot is on the near side and that did not leave him much of an angle. Jacob Frost has cold hands, but that ball will not slip through them…as this game would remain deadlocked at 1, going into halftime.

Second half…Star Valley kept pressing their attack and Frost caught a break on this one…he was able to stop the first shot, and luckily he had help in getting rid of the ball or else the opposition would have had an open look. Sometimes you can’t do it all, and you have to rely on your team-mates for help.

However…once the Braves decided to loosen up their game plan…more opportunities opened up…such as this fast break by Javier Zarzuela…he got the shot off in time and realized that he did not have to go full force on it. That ended up being the difference maker, with about 7 minutes to go…as the Braves would get the win on the road…2-to-1.