Video highlights and photos of the Saturday, May 3rd 3A girls soccer game, between #2 Star Valley vs. #3 Buffalo, played in Lander.

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After giving up an early goal, the Lady Braves responded quickly, by scoring twice in 7 minutes, and shutout the Lady Bison for the rest of the game.



Someone just had their winter coat shaved off and...yes...yes...I'm happy to see you...and so is everyone else watching on-line.

#2 Star Valley vs. #3 Buffalo...this game being played in Lander...first half...Buffalo wearing the white...their initial attack will get stopped, but then Rileigh Olson will get a back field steal, and that was a pretty good shot, getting the ball around a defender that was right in front of her. She is the leading scorer in the state Class 3A, and now her team is up 1-to-nothing.

The score would stay that way for all of 1 minute. Kenedey Brog is leading a solo attack on the far side...the junior then decides that she wants to take care of things herself, and does just that. Simple yet effective, as she put just enough to get the ball over the goalie and into the net...that would tie the score at 1.

Not far down the road after that...the Lady Braves were on the attack again...Jessica Woodford with the free kick...the Lady Bison defense had a hard time trying to clear out the ball...the goalie was out of place, and Brog found a wide open spot. Right place, right time...and last year's 3A state runner-ups would take a 2-to-1 lead going into halftime.

Second half...both teams now going in the opposite direction...Brog is going for the hat trick...good approach...good angle...but there was that goal-post that got in the way...aside from that...from a camera perspective...not much else happened, as the score would hold, and Star Valley would get the win...2-to-1.