Highlights of the Saturday, July 14th legion baseball game between the Powell Pioneers and the Torrington Tigers, in Casper.

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The Tigers would cash in off of 8 Pioneer errors, to pull off the win.



Those things would sell a lot more, if someone opened up a booth at the games. At least a lot more fans would be cooled off, that’s for sure.

The Powell Pioneers vs. the Torrington Tigers…this game being played in Casper….top of the first…Powell with runners on 2nd and 3rd and they’re going to stay there as Caden Caufelt freezes one at the plate and he would pitch himself out of a jam.

Bottom of the first…Torrington already has 1 run in on a passed ball…Gordon Kautz will flair one up the middle for a base hit…that’ll get Austin Murphy in from 3rd and Tigers would go up 2-to-nothing.

Top of the second…the Pioneers get those runs back with a little help…this should be a routine ground out to 3rd, but the throw to first was not even close as it goes into the dugout. Gage Henderson is already home and here comes Bryce Wright as a result of the error…and this game is tied up at 2 runs a piece.

Bottom of the third…R.J. Lara is going to smack one into left field…Henderson is going to try to make a play and he can’t come up with the ball. It’s a 2-bagger and Caufelt had better get going if he’s going to make it in, before the defense can recover…he’ll make it, and Torrington would take a 3-to-2 lead.

Bottom of the 4th…watch this one…Frankie Vogt fields the ball at third…tags the runner for one out, then fires across in time…to Jacob Buester to complete the double play. That was just great heads up defense.

Bottom of the fifth…the Pioneers would try something similar…Cory Heny to Josh Cragoe to Buester, but that was a bit too high on the throw…that opens the door for Mark McKee to score unopposed and Torrington now leads, 4-to-2.

Bottom of the 6th…here was Powell’s problem…and it showed often…8 errors in the game…which is very uncharacteristic for them. The opposition was not complaining…as Wyatt Winjet will cash in off of this miscue…and the boys in black would build on their lead, now up 5-to-2.

Later…it’s Chrystian Saucedo at the plate…and this was a wood bat game. Had that hit come off of a metal bat…it would’ve been long gone. Instead the ball goes all the way to the left field wall…Saucedo would end up with a triple when it was all said and done, and the Tigers would tack on another one…leading 6-to-2.

Still in the bottom of the 6th…Murphy…looking for just the right spot to deposit that ball in the outfield for a hit and he got it…Saucedo scores…Torrington pitching only gave 1 hit the entire game…and the Tigers would get the win…7-to-2.