Video highlights of the Friday, October 31st 3A First Round Playoff Game, between Torrington at Jackson.

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The TrailBlazers would cash in on 3 of 4 Bronc fumbles, to win the first ever meeting between the 2 teams, and move on to the semi-finals, for the first time since 2005.



The zombies were having fun...the party had just begun! This game featured 2 teams that have come back from the dead, so this performance was appropriate.

Torrington at Jackson...first quarter...Torrington wearing the white...Jace Canaday...he's got good protection and a open's Trey Faessler who will put on a move...turn on the after burners, and he will blaze a trail to the end zone from 42 yards...this game is 2 1/2 minutes old, and it's already 7-to-nothing.

Jackson would try to answer...but the TrailBlazer defense would stand them up...and when that happens...someone can reach in and rip the ball loose...Patrick Carr would make the recovery...and that would allow his team to set up shop inside enemy territory.

Actually...the first 2 possession for the visitors started on the other side of the 50...and since Carr got this drive's only proper that he finishes...Canaday hits him with the high fade from 11 yards make this a 14-nothing contest, after the first 12 minutes.

Second quarter...the boys in black were trying to cash in on their own fumble recovery...they would go for it on 4th and 10 at the 15...Brady Anderson is scrambling...throws on the run...and qb1 will air it out to Ryan Johnston who makes the catch and gets the touchdown...and they are right back in this game, down 14-to-8, after the 2 point conversion.

The home team would get the ball back and march...Theodore Dawson finds the hole and waltzes in for a 1 yard score...conversion no good, but we got ourselves a 14-all game at this point.

Speaking of's the black hole as they call it and the student fans were having themselves a pretty good time.

Torrington would regroup though...a 2-day 7-hour bus trip was not going to slow them down...and it wasn't going to stop Skyler Miller either...he got tripped up at the goal line, but got across for a 6 yard make it 20-to-14, going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...the TrailBlazers were on the move again...Faessler needed only 1 yard for his second score of the game, and that would increase the advantage to 27-to-14, going into the final 12 minutes.

4th quarter...Jackson was having a problem with hanging on to the's a good example...#30 was not listed in the program, but the folks in Goshen County know who he is...the guy who made the recovery, and got on the highlight reel.

...and the visitors would take advantage of the situation...Faessler again...9 yards...touchdown #3...and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, but that was on the other team...34-to-14 is the score, and time is becoming a factor.

Torrington would get the ball back again...and they were making a statement...Miller had a 100 yard game plus and 2 scores...and the TrailBlazers...endure the cross state road trip and they are moving on to the semi-finals...winning this game...41-to-14.