Week six football rankings are not a lot different from a week ago, but this could be the week that a big upset happens.

In the past few years, the first cold blast tends to hit in week 6, and this year is no different.

The change in weather has sometimes had an effect on a team's ability to execute plays.

Natrona, Powell, Lyman, Cokeville, and Dubois continue to top the polls in their respective divisions, while six man has a new team ranked.

Meeteetse’s win over Kaycee has put the Longhorns at #5. After ranking third much of the season, Kaycee has been ousted from the top five this week. Midwest is now third followed by Guernsey.

1A has a bit of change as Burlington and Southeast swap spots.  The Huskies are now third.  The Cyclones reported an in-eligible player to the state association this week and had to forfeit a win over Pine Bluffs.  Cokeville took all 16 #1 votes in the 1A poll this week.

2A has three different teams with #1 Votes. Lyman got 16 of the 21 top ballots with #2 Big Horn getting three. Newcastle, who ranks fourth again this weekend, took the other two. Lovell didn’t get any #1 votes, but had enough of the 2 through 5 variety to stay ranked third.

3A has Powell one vote shy of unanimous and it was a solo vote for Green River that kept them from it. Douglas moved to fourth this week behind the Wolves with Riverton fifth. Star Valley stayed at #2 after their road loss to #1 Powell.

4A has Natrona #1 will all 20 top votes. Gillette got all 20 #2’s with Sheridan now ranked third, East fourth and Central remains #5.

There are only two games in week 6 football with a pair of ranked opponents. 4A has #5 Central going to #2 Gillette, while six man has #4 Guernsey at #3 Midwest.

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