After #1 ranked Powell was beaten by Star Valley last week,  the question was,  who will be #1 in 3A this week?      Voters answered and put Green River back on top after a two week absence, but not by much.   ONE vote was the difference between the Wolves and Douglas who now ranks second,  Powell drops to third while Buffalo and Lander swap places.   The #4 Bison go to fifth ranked Lander Friday to decide that ranking on the field.

Class 4A has the same top five teams as it has had for weeks now.   The re arrange the order a bit after last week.  Natrona is a unanimous #1 followed now by Sheridan, then Gillette.  Evanston moves up to #4 pushing East to the five spot.    The #1 Mustangs head to E-town to play the fourth ranked Devils on Friday.

2A has the two unbeatens at 1 and 2.  Lovell gathered 19 of the 22 top votes to out distance Glenrock.  Lyman is now #3 while Greybull falls to four and Mountain View stays at #5.    The Buffs host the third ranked Eagles from Lyman in the Bridger Valley bowl on Friday afternoon.  Been a while since that game has had a number in front of each team.

1A keeps Southeast at #1 with 12 of the 15 #1’s.   Cokeville is second with Lusk third, same as last week.   Riverside moves to fourth with Pine Bluffs falling to fifth after their second loss to a ranked team in as many weeks.

Six man is the exact same as a week ago with Snake River on top unanimously.  Dubois got all of the 2nd place votes,  Kaycee is third and the Bucs will take their shot at the Rattlers and their fifteen game win streak this weekend.    Midwest if fourth with Ten Sleep ranked #5.