Video highlights of the Saturday, February 1st, 3A boys basketball game, between #3 Wheatland at #1 Rawlins.

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In a battle for first place in the 3A East, the Bulldogs would use an 11-zip, 2nd quarter run, to take the lead for good vs. the Outlaws.

Jalen Krening scored 33 points for Rawlins, while Kendrick Jackson scored 29 points for Wheatland.



I think we found the party animals on the team...and they're jamming to the other teams' fight song. I guess some people can bust a move on anything.

#3 Wheatland at #1 Rawlins...first quarter...Rawlins wearing the white...we're tied at 2...Alex Collier will win this race to the hoop and get 2 points as a prize...that would put his team ahead, 4-to-2.

Wheatland did not stay down long...Kendrick Jackson was just looking for an he'll pull up from 8 feet and get a friendly bounce or 2, for his first of many buckets in the that would tie the score at 4.

The Outlaws would hang with them...and at times kept their distance...Jalen Krening will fire up a 16 footer and can that one, to even up the score again...this time each team has 6 points.

But the visitors had the same amount of distance on their chain and they could hit from that distance as well...Jackson strikes again, and you will see a lot from the junior in this he has his team ahead, 8-to-6.

The home team was a bit sneaky at times...Collier is quick to score off of the inbounds and gets the call...he would convert the 3 point play, to give his team a 9-to-8 advantage.

Now you got to watch this one...Krening is an Outlaw that would live up to his name...first he'll pick Braxten Fagenbush's pocket...and then the junior would make off like an Outlaw and hit the bank...that play would move the score up to 11-to-8.

He was doing it all from time to time...he could score up close and from a's another was similar to earlier...just on the other side of the he has his squad ahead 13-to-9.

Now he had team-mates and they did their part...Lane Potratz is ahead of the crowd...good fake....draws the contact, gets the whistle and the bucket...Rawlins was in decent shape so far, with a 16-to-11 lead.

Meanwhile the boys in black were just thinking about what kind of trick they were going to pull...Jackson thought about it...and decided to just do it...and that's worth 3, which has his squad within striking distance, trailing 16-to-14.

Jackson was a man of's another highlight worthy drive and he has brought Wheatland back all by himself...the score was deadlocked at 16-all after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter...we're trying something different...normally we are on the floor behind one of the hoops at this point, but we decided to try the balcony got us a great angle of Collier rejecting that shot...he is 6 feet 6 inches...but Brandon Fluharty was not afraid and scores on the second give the Bulldogs an 18-to-16 lead.

The Outlaws kept it close for a little while longer...check out the pivot moves by Collier, and he'll get a nice fade on the fade away...he put in 13 and the scoreboard is even again...this time each team has 18 points.

Here is where the visitors made their move...and it was a big one...Fagenbush from wayyy long range...and someone has been practicing. 11 points for the senior, and that put his team up 21-to-18.

Anyone who knows anything about Coach Mic Cochran and his boys...knows that they are one of the best 3 point shooting teams in the state...Trace Douglas from N-B-A range and that Bulldog just buried a bone...that would widen the lead to's now 24-to-18.

The visitors could mix it up and score inside as well...Austin Huffer will take the assist and add on 2 more for the could tell something was up...the scoreboard shows 26-to-18.

The boys in black were on fire and they were blowing up everything in sight...Fagenbush...from the corner...Kaboom! An 11-zip run and this game has tilted in one's now a 29-to-18 contest.

The home team needed to get their act in gear quickly, because they were in trouble...great reach around by Krening...that would briefly stop the bleeding...but his team trails, 29-to-22.

That did not deter Wheatland...they would stay after it...I told you Jackson is just a junior and he's got some it's 31-to-22 and they were still going.

They were keeping their opponents off balance with their shot selection...Fagenbush again for 3...ring 'em up...the senior did his job and that would push the score up to 34-22.

The Outlaws had to try something different if they wanted to get out of this jam...Krening bounces an assist to Kolton Wall who will take care of the rest...but the deficit is still at's a 34-24 game, right now.

The defense was starting to figure out that Jackson was the go to guy...but he knew that, and sometimes he went to someone else...on this play, it was Critter Ruwart and he made the opposition pay with 3...37-to-24 is the score.

Occasionally, the defense and transition came through for the home team...Krening was off to the races on this one, and it would pay off with a bucket...but he and his squad were on the wrong end of a 37-27 score, going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...this highlight was a gift...Rawlins forgot something and Jackson did not have much trouble putting this toy back in the box...thank you! The Bulldogs are in command...leading 39-to-27.

Jackson vs. Krening was a great one-on-one matchup at times...this one would belong to the latter as he'll get the bucket and the foul...33 points, and he's a junior too. The deficit is in single digits, but it's only 39-to-30.

Now other players had their moments example was Fagenbush...who will hit the turbo and breeze right by everybody for a score...the visitors would go ahead, 42-to-32.

We're going to skip a few highlights here and there, because this game was going back and forth...Wall hits a wall, but he still finds a way to score for the home team...44-to-36 makes for an 8 point difference, which is the closest his team has been in awhile.

Watch this one...Krening was a genius and the defense was got to pay attention to the inbounder...the Outlaws are still down 47-to-38.

The boys in black would wake up though...and Jackson had the alarm was set for 3 o'clock...29 points were his's now a 50-to-38 game.

We need to get someone new in about Kody Palmer...great fake on Jackson and that was an easy 2...the home team was trailing 52-to-44, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...the score never was that close again...Fagenbush drives the baseline, draws the defense in, which meant Huffer was open and he took care of the it's 54-to-44.

The Bulldogs still had a few missiles left in the long range attack...Douglas is in the corner...causing was the beginning of the end...the scoreboard reads, 57-to-44.

We're going to cut it short, because that 2nd quarter run made the difference...and the opposition never recovered...Jackson will earn 3 more treats, as Wheatland would win this first place battle in the 3A score...72-to-62.