Out of Season Practice Rule Change: Each sport is allowed 14 days of practice between WHSAA Calendar week 47, and week 5. Practice leading up to team caps would count towards the 14-day limit, however, the team camp would not count towards the 14-day limit. Practices must NOT be mandatory, and are for students to participate on a voluntary basis, without pressure from the coach. Also the teaching of sport specific techniques or team concepts, must cease and desist, 2 weeks prior to the first allowable practice date.

Reclassification When Closing Or Adding Schools: Any school opening with less than the traditional 9-12 grade levels, will be classified, by prorating their current enrollment to teh equivalent of 4 grade levels.

Football Point Differential Rule: When the lead in a game is at 45 points or greater, the game will use a running clock, throughout. If the lead is at or above 45, and then later, shrinks to below 45, the running clock will continue. The board is also going to start looking into the possibility about a similar rule for basketball.

Tie-Breaker Criteria: The rule that gives a tie breaker to the team with the better winning percentage, in away league games, has been eliminated.  Also a 4-way tie breaker has been adopted. If any of the teams involved in the tie, has an advantage in head-to-head vs. the other tied teams, then the tie is broken.

Unconscious Athlete Rule Change: Any student who loses consciousness during an event, will not be allowed to participate for the remainder of that day. In order to return to practice or play, the student must be cleared by an appropriate health care provider.

Push/Pull Golf Cart Proposal: Passed. All golfers will be allowed the use of push/pull carts, throughout the golf season.

3A Golf Spectator Proposal: Passed. Like 4A, spectators will be allowed on the course, under certain guidelines. Not permitted in 2A.

Public Criticism of Officials or Coaches: Passed. Any official who publicly criticizes another official, or coach, through the media, social media, facebook, twitter, etc...shall be reported to the WHSAA and will be subject to a hearing for suspension.

Negative Comments Made By Coaches About Officials To The Media: Passed. Coaches should not make negative comments about contest officials or their officiating to the media, social media, facebook, twitter, etc...

Wrestling Weight Class Change: The National Federation of High Schools has proposed a change in the weight classes. If it passes, this will most likely be accepted by the WHSAA. The purpose is to help reduce the number of forfeits in the lower weight classes. The current system is: 103-112-119-125-130-135-140-145-152-160-171-189-215-285. The new proposed system is: 106-113-120-126-132-138-145-152-160-170-182-195-220-285.