Highlights of the Thursday, March 29th boys soccer game, between Powell at #4 Worland.

Scroll down to watch the highlights of the game!

After neither team scored in the first 40 minutes, the Warriors punch the ball in 3-times, including one from mid-field (60 yards) to get things started.



It wasn’t THAT cold outside! I mean the players in the game were wearing shorts!

Powell at Number 4 Worland…first half…Worland wearing the white…trying to score on the throw-in header combo and it was almost too much for Heston Swenson to handle, but the freshman would recover to stop that scoring threat.

On the other end…Powell did not have too many scoring chances in this game…this was probably one of their better chances…the Panthers were keeping the ball high and Ian Feather is going to bring it back to earth. He’s pretty tall, so you’re going to have to find some other way to get the ball past him.

As for the Warriors…they were doing a good job of getting deep into enemy territory, but they had a little trouble finishing. Kris Mull probably was not too happy about that extra bounce that he put in…because that gave Swenson the opportunity he needed in order to win that 1-on-1 exchange. 40 minutes and we have nothing doing, going into half-time.

Second half…both teams going in the opposite direction…the home team kept trying…Bryce Overcast will feed the assist to Mull, but Swenson was able to read the mis-direction and broke the right way when they tried it. We did not get the save totals, but he had a pretty good game!

Here comes another good example…Worland kept trying to turn up the heat…but the freshman goalie for Powell managed to keep them out of the kitchen. Hey if you can’t catch the ball, at least swat it out of the way, and he did what he was supposed to do.

Eventually though….the Warriors would start catching a few breaks and you got to see this one to believe it…this is Zach Lempka…from mid-field…this is about 60 yards out…and that’s going in for a goal! I think he was trying more to just kick the ball down-field and from the look on his face…he surprised himself. The home team now leads, 1-to-nothing.

Later…a crack has been found in the armor and Worland had plans to go right through it. Overcast outruns his defender…he finds Mull wide open on the other side and the senior will take care of the rest. Unfortunately, Swenson never had a chance on that one. In case you’ve noticed…Mull had to change jersey numbers, due to a blood problem. It did not seem to bother him, and the score is now 2-nil.

It was becoming clear that the home team still had some left in the tank, late in the game…and the opposition did not. Mull takes another assist…he’ll zig while the goalie will zag and that was almost too easy. Worland would start 3A Northwest Conference play off on a good note…shutting out the Panthers in the process…3-zip.