Kemmerer and Wright hosted dual tournaments.   Both teams would win their own events.    Kemmerer went five and oh on their home mat while Wright also went unbeaten in five duals.

Powell finished 7th at the Bozeman Invite in Montana.  Jimmy Seckman and Randy Andrews both finished second for the Panthers, Colt Nix was third.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE RESULTS

Star Valley finished 9th in the 43 team Rollie Lane Invite in boise Idaho.  The Braves were led by Dawson Loveland who went three and one finishing second.  CLICK HERE FOR ROLLIE LANE RESULTS

Several Wyoming teams went to the Tournament of Champions hosted by Uintah High School in Utah.   Individually, Justin Lewton of Worland downed Zeke Mamalis of Green River for the title at 103.   Ty Alexander of Lander was 8th at that weight.

Cody Vichi of Rock Springs won the 112 weight class.  Tenor Teichert of Cokeville was third.  Tanner Galey of Kelly Walsh was 5th.   Derek Debolt of Lander and Cory Gomez of KW went 7 and 8 at 119.    Green River 125 pounder Maria Luna was 2nd with Savoy Bell of Rock Springs third.   Jared Liethead of Worland was 4th.

Luis Flores of Green River was 4th at 130 with Ryan Slaugh of Rock Springs 5th.  Jordan Hernandez of Worland was 8th.    At 135 , Jacob Flores of Green River was third. Cormick Eaton of Kelly Walsh finished 4th at 140 with Jeff Redland of Worland 7th.

Brady Turnbull of Green River was first at 145.  To show how tough that weight is at Green River,  Wolves JV 145'er Cameron Ross was 8th.    152's saw Shay McCurdy of Green River 8th.  Branson Teichert of Cokeville was sixth at 160.

Dane Dooley of Worland was 4th at 171.  McKay Tonga of Cokeville was third at 189 with Justin Bayles of Green River 6th.    Bronson Hernandez of Worland was 4th at 215.   At 275 , Lander's Jordan Hansen was 2nd, Lane Millay of KW was 4th, and Casey Hernandez was 7th.

Kemmerer Invite:

Round 1

Kemmerer 31  Lyman 24;  Big Piney 36 Dubois 30; Wind River 39  Shoshoni/HEM  33

Round 2

Shoshoni/HEM  42  Big Piney  30;  Lyman 43  Wind River  42;   Kemmerer 24  Dubois 18

Round 3

Kemmerer 42  Big Piney 36;  Wind River 36  Dubois 30;  Shoshoni/HEM  48  Lyman 36

Round 4

Dubois 36  Lyman 18;  Kemmerer 37  Shoshoni/HEM  36;  Wind River 43  Big Piney 24

Round 5

Shoshoni/HEM  33  Dubois  27;  Big Piney 48  Lyman 27;  Kemmerer 36  Wind River 34

Final Standings

Kemmerer 5-0;  Shoshoni/HEM 3-2;  Wind Riever 3-2;  Big Piney 2-3; Dubois 1-4, Lyman 1-4

Wright New Year’s Duals Wrestling Results

Round 1          Wright 72                    v          Sundance 6

Gillette JV 45              v          Sturgis JV 27

Lovell 54                     v          Lingle Ft Laramie 24

Round 2          Wright 44                    v          Gillette JV 30

Sturgis JV 54              v          Lingle Ft Laramie 25

Lovell 71                     v          Sundance 6

Round 3          Wright 51                    v          Sturgis JV 30

Lovell 46                     v          Gillette JV 32

Lingle Ft Laramie 40  v          Sundance 24

Round 4          Wright 54                    v          Lingle Ft Laramie 27

Gillette JV 51              v          Sundance 24

Lovell 51                     v          Sturgis JV 30

Round 5          Wright 39                    v          Lovell 31

Gillette JV 33              v          Lingle Ft Laramie 31

Sturgis JV 46              v          Sundance 21

Team Placings

1st Wright       5-0                               4th Sturgis JV              2-3

2nd Lovell        4-1                               5th Lingle Ft Laramie  1-4

3rd Gillette JV  3-2                               6th Sundance               0-5

Individual Champions

103      Evan Smith – Gillette JV                    145      Jacob Beck – Lovell

112      Casey Payenfuss – Sturgis JV                        152      Juan Rodriguez – Wright

119      JJ Martinez – Wright                           160      Tony Rodriguez – Lovell

125      Haydn Rawlings – Gillette JV            171      Holden Fauber – Wright

130      Alex Schoeberl – Sturgis                    189      Darren Ballard – Lovell

135      Wyatt Hageman – Lingle                    215      Mark Grant – Lovell

140      Brodey Serres – Lingle                       285      Jeff Wilson – Sturgis JV

Also, the Wright Wrestling Team would like to thank all that attended and contributed to the Tallon Ridgeway College Fund.  More than $700 was raised by some very generous folks.