Practice begins on July 20th. The game is scheduled for 4pm on July 23rd at Casper College.

Rosters are for recently graduated seniors only, and is partially subject to players availability for the weekend. Each class (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A) must have representation. Rosters are subject to change.


Lyndsey Wardell - Burlington

Kimberley Caywood - Tongue River

Karen Koritnik - Lovell

Shelby Stewart - Glenrock

Dallas Shaw - Buffalo

Danielle Skinner - Cody

Leslie Thronburg - Powell

Shelby Garska - Natrona

Stephanie Lee - Natrona

Kayla Woodward - Sheridan


Head Coach: Derek Bissitt - Sheridan

Asst. Coach: Michelle Dalhberg - Buffalo


Kelsey Kazmar - Little Snake River

Olivia Teichert - Cokeville

Amanda Wilkes - Guernsey

Alex Ward - Burns

Tawny Bugas - Mountain View

McKensie Harris - Laramie

Brittany Lawson - East

Porsha Wadsworth - Rock Springs

Ranell Oldman - Wyoming Indian


Head Coach: Jaci Heny - Douglas

Asst. Coach: Cody Helenbolt - Douglas