Despite having a 10-on-6 advantage, lack of defense on Wyoming's part allowed South Dakota to keep the score close, but the girls played enough in the end to hang on win 91-88, at Gillette.

Katie Kuhn of Laramie, missed the first game due to graduation, but poured in 16, including a key 3 with 2 1/2 minutes to go, to help her team complete the sweep.

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SD: 47-41 = 88

WY: 49-42 = 91


Wyoming Scorers:

Shanda Post (Lander) - 3

Katie Kuhn (Laramie) - 16

Sierra Toms (Gillette) - 11

McCorra Ford (Gillette) - 9

Kallee Wilson (Rocky Mountain) - 7

Molly Kreycik (Douglas) - 0

Kassidy Scott (Douglas) - 12

Dani Williams (Gillette) - 11

Hailey Ligocki (Sheridan) - 17

Mali Wright (Sheridan) - 5


South Dakota Scorers:

Alyson Johnsen (Beresford) - 9

Bethany Crosswait (Spearfish) - 8

Haley Froelich (Lemmon) - 26

Samantha Knecht (Aberdeen Central) - 18

Taylor Trohkimoinen (Newell) - 12

Gabby Haefs (Rapid City Stevens) - 15



Dancing might be new to that little one, but once they get the hang of's pretty easy.

The Wyoming All-Stars vs. South Dakota...this game being played in Gillette...first half...South Dakota wearing the white...this is Bethany Crosswait of Spearfish, draining 3 of her 8 points from the give the visitors an early 6-nothing lead.

It took a little bit before the Wyoming girls got on the board...and it took this assist from Dani Williams of Gillette to McCorra Ford who is also a Lady Camel...that got rid of the zero and it's now 6-to-2.

But the opposition was warmed up and they were burning the nets...Alyson Johnsen of Beresford is at the top of the key...and opening the door for help South Dakota jump out to an early 11-to-2 advantage.

That was a big enough hole...and it was time to get out of it...Hailey Ligocki of Sheridan strikes for 3...the future University of Wyoming Cowgirl led her team with 17, and it's now 11-to-5.
One key to this game was that the opposition had a better transition game...that was Samantha Knecht of Aberdeen Central with the block...and then Gabby Haefs of Rapid City Stevens will finish on the other end...she's actually a Gillette native...and scored 15 points and her squad leads 13-to-7.
Here was the main scoring threat...Hailey Froelich of Lemmon...26 points...combined...her and her team-mates dropped 13 3's...and that's why they led 20-to-13 at this point.
This game was played with 2-20 minutes halves...and we're still in the first half, we just changed camera angles...Williams takes the long pass and finishes on the other end for 2 of her 11 points...and Wyoming would eventually take the lead...28-26
They had the numbers in this was 10-on-6...but when you don't play much defense...and give up a lot of 3's...then any shorthanded team can get back into this game...Crosswait strikes again to make it 31-29.
The home team was doing a pretty good job scoring inside...this is Mali Wright of Sheridan getting the offensive board and was her only field goal of the game...the Lady Bronc scored 5 points total...her team is still up 35-31.
Wyoming was starting to's Katie Kuhn of Laramie...she missed the game in Spearfish, because of graduation...but she drove up to play in this game and bury that make the score, 38-33.
The Lady Plainsmen was developing a hot hand and her team-mates knew they got her the ball...there's 3 more of her it's a 41-to-36 contest.
But the visitors would not go away...Haefs takes aim and hits the bulls-eye from the's down a 2-point contest, with the scoreboard reading 41-to-39.
Now there was one more Camel on the home team...that would've been Sierra Toms and this is her court...she'll stop pop and hit for 2 of her 11...Wyoming is up 47-43.
The opposition would tie things up...but there was a few seconds left to untie it...Kuhn collects her own miss and sticks it back in about 1 second ahead of the half-time buzzer...that would provide some much needed momentum as the girls went into the locker room, up 49-47.
Second got to watch this was flat out robbery, but a smart move by Ligocki and it was the easiest 2 points of her life. She's going to do just fine at UW...home team is up 51-to-47.
The girls were starting to open up a little breathing room in this game...Toms gets the hoop and the hack. She would convert on the 3-point play to push the score up to 58-51.
They were hitting the long balls as well...Williams...eyes it..spies it...and buys it for 3. It was good to have one more game in the old's now 61-to-54.
Actually...that was such a good thought...Ford decided to try it herself...she strikes for 3 of her 9 to help the it's 64-to-58.
Let's get someone else in here...let's try Kassidy Scott of Douglas...she had 12...she also had a team-mate of her own and that was Molly Kreycik, but she did not score...Wyoming is up 69-to-63.
As for the opposition...they kept hanging around...great save...and then Johnsen will bury another 3...and suddenly it became a 1-point contest...with the scoreboard reading, 75-to-74.
South Dakota was making a move and no one was stopping's Taylor Trohkimoinen of Newell, dropping 3 of her 12 points...and the visitors would go back up, by a score of 79-75.
Wyoming had to regroup and they did...Shanda Post of Lander...with her only contribution of the game and it was 3 big ones and it came at the right time...things are tied at 83-all.
This game came down to free throws...and whoever could make the last 3...that would've been Kuhn...the only person that we were not able to show was Kallee Wilson of Rocky Mountain...she scored 7...every girl did their part and Wyoming would win this game, 91-to-88 to complete the sweep.