The Wyoming High School Rodeo season is now complete, and now it's on to the High School National Finals Rodeo, to be held in Rock Springs, July 15-21.

Cowboys and cowgirls earned points based on where there place at each rodeo event through the fall and spring seasons, along with the Wyoming High School State Finals Rodeo.

The top 4 in each event qualify for the HSNFR.

The alternate position is in case anyone of the top 4 can't make it to Nationals.

Scroll down to see video highlights from the final day of competition.



1. Jeffery Zdziarski (Sheridan) – 232.5 points - State Champion

2. Garrett Ford (Gillette) – 202

3. Justin Kissack (Gillette) – 176

4. Grant Griffin (Wheatland) – 65


Saddle Broncs:

1. Blaze Cress (Hillsdale) - 184 - State Champion

2. Mason Rockafellow (Clearmont) – 172.5

3. J.W. Meiers (Mills) – 163

4. Wiley King (Casper) – 137.5

Alt. Cody Miller (Lingle) - 61


Tie-Down Roping:

1. Garrett Grieve (Baggs) – 215 points - State Champion

2. J.W. Thrush (Gillette) – 195

3. Bailey Young (Gillette) - 179.5

4. Cameron Irwin (Buffalo) - 166.5

Alt. Reed Merritt (Greeley, CO) - 143.5


Breakaway Roping:

1. Deena Norell (Meeker, CO) – 208 points - State Champion

2. Coralee Spratt (Lysite) – 193

3. Amelia McGuire (Wheatland) - 182.5

4. Justene Hirsig (Cheyenne) – 155.5

Alt. K.L. Spratt (Lysite) - 142


Steer Wrestling:

1. Austin Eller (Glendo) – 222.5 points - State Champion

2. Drew Antone (Kinnear) – 203

3. Ross Wahlert (Grover, CO) - 185

4 (tie). Kane Butcher (Jelm) – 155

4 (tie). Cutter DeHart (Laramie) - 155


Goat Tying:

1. Coralee Spratt (Lysite) - 226 points - State Champion

2. Jaime Thompson (Whitney, NE) – 196

3. Emily Faber (Rozet) – 186

4. Shai Schaefer (Torrington) - 176.5

Alt. Kaylee Burnett (Eden) - 160.5


Barrel Racing:

1. Cassidy Kruse (Gillette) – 197 points - State Champion

2. Chandler Markel (Scottsbluff, NE) – 185 points

3. Teal Stoll (Pavillion) – 171.5

4 (tie). Rheanna Gail (Farson) – 144.5

4 (tie) Kylee Cahoy (Sheridan) - 144.5


Pole Bending:

1. Breanna Reimler (Buffalo) – 242

2. Teal Stoll (Pavillion) - 231

3. Chloe Ashenhurst (Wheatland) – 202

4. Amber Robinson (Pinedale) – 176.5

Alt. K.L. Spratt (Lysite) - 122.5


Team Roping:

1. Coley Nicholls (Kinnear) and Garrett Grieve (Baggs) – 367 points - State Champions

2. Jayden Johnson (Casper) and Klay Ready (Dixon) – 253

3. K.L. Spratt (Lysite) and Logan Milligan (Torrington) - 242

4. Ameila McGuire (Wheatland) and J.W. Thrush (Gillette) - 231

Alt. Trever Nelson (Moorcroft) and Tanner Judge (Jackson) - 218


Bull Riding:

1. Hawk Whitt (Thermopolis) - 168.25 points - Repeat State Champion

2. Bryce Burnell (Arvada) - 145.25

3. Tyler Orchard (Baggs) - 127

4. Drew Antone (Kinnear) - 114

Alt. Chantz Cates (Buffalo) - 106


Boys Cutting:

1. Chett Whitman (Big Piney) - 225 points - State Champion

2. Colby Thurston (Lance Creek) - 204.5

3. Jayden Johnson (Casper) - 172.5

4. Ty Garrett (Casper) - 158.5

Alt. Casey Beck (Gillette) - 127


Girls Cutting:

1. Lacee Good (Greybull) - 217.75 points - State Champion

2. Shelby Eckley (Riverton) - 193.5

3. Jasmine Gould (Meeteetse) - 193.25

4. Lexi Hamm (Rozet) - 188

Alt. Faith Carson (Arvada) - 159


Boys All-Around State Champion:

Garrett Grieve (Baggs)


Girls All-Around State Champion:

K.L. Spratt (Lysite)

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Since the Sheepherder’s Festival was not going on this weekend…man’s best friend needed to chase something…and remember…it’s not the size of the dog in the fight…it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

This is the last day of the Wyoming High School State Finals Rodeo…starting with the pole bending…Breanna Reimler of Buffalo would zig zag her way to a state championship in 20 point 5-8-1 seconds.

Barebacks…it’s Jeffery Zdziarski of Sheridan…he did pretty well riding, although when the horse starts going in circles, that will usually cost you a few points. No matter…he got a 63 on this ride and won himself the belt buckle in this event.

Goat Tying…only the top 4 get the invite to the National Finals Rodeo…Shai Schaefer of Torrington was number 5 coming in, but she got her goat in 7-point 7-8 seconds…fastest run of the day and that was enough to make the cut at number 4.

Your state champion is Coralee Spratt of Lysite…it took her 8 point 1-1 seconds to get ‘er done…and now she’s going to nationals as the top goat tyer in the state.

Team roping…and for most the season…it was Garrett Grieve of Baggs and Coley Nicholls of Kinnear against everyone else. They would double team their steer in 7 point 8 seconds, and the rest of the competitors were not even close.

Steer Wrestling…Austin Eller of Glendo meant business…4 point 8-1 seconds…not much time to mess around there. He wanted that saddle and he got it. Thanks for coming.

Saddle Broncs…Blaze Cress of Hillsdale…making the most of a reride…64 points nets him the win…not many cowboys made it to the 8 second buzzer, which made winning the title all the more easier…hey in high school, you take what you can get.

Breakaway Roping…K.L. Spratt of Lysite…actually the only event that she qualified for nationals in…was the team roping but she did also win the Girls All-Around title, so we wanted to give her a little bit of love.

Here’s a cowgirl who has been on a hot streak lately…Ameila McGuire out of Wheatland…2 point 8-5 seconds, and she’s heading to Rock Springs in this event and in the team roping.

But the state champion breakaway roper actually resides south of the border…Deena Norell of Meeker, Colorado threw her lasso in 2 point 7-7 seconds, but she will represent Wyoming at Nationals.

Tie down calf roping…Bailey Young of Gillette was on the bubble coming into the weekend…but he would cowboy up. 9 point 6-5 seconds moved him to the number 3 position and he will ride again!

The winner of the belt buckle in this event went to Grieve…you saw him earlier in the team roping, and he also won the all-around boys title…not a bad haul taking home 3 awards in 1 weekend.

Barrel racing…the Wyoming queen of the barrels is Cassidy Kruse of Gillette…she and her horse would turn 3 barrels in 17-point-8-9-9 seconds…that ended up being the 2nd fastest run on Sunday, and it was good enough.

Bull riding…only 2 qualified rides on the final day…Cody Culver of Manderson…73 points in 8 seconds is pretty darn good in the high school ranks…but he is not going to nationals because his season in general was not all that great, but he’s working on next year.

For the 2nd year in a row, the top high school bull rider in Wyoming is Hawk Whitt of Thermopolis…although this was not one of his better rides. 30 points with a reride option…he played it smart and took the score, because all of the other competitors that were close to him, ended up getting tossed, so no harm was done with a score that low.

The High School National Finals Rodeo begins on July 15th in Rock Springs.