Team Info:

2017 Schedule and Results:

This is a partial schedule. An update will be posted when it's available.

5/14 Lovell Mustangs 5 Billings, MT Blue Jays 4

5/14 Billings, MT Blue Jays 9 Lovell Mustangs 4

5/20 at Sheridan Jets (DH)

5/27 at Billings, MT Angels (DH)

6/1 Powell Pioneers (DH)

6/4 Billings, MT Halos (DH)

6/13 at Riverton Raiders (DH)

6/22 Riverton Raiders (DH)

6/26 at Green River Knights (DH)

6/28 at Cody Cubs (DH)

7/11 Cody Cubs (DH)

7/13 Green River Knights (DH)

7/26-7/30 State at Cowley