Both of Wyoming's State Champs, get a chance to prove they are among the best in the Northwest US.

Wyoming Legion Baseball AA State Champ, Cheyenne Post 6, and the A-State Champ Cody Cubs, have qualified for their respective northwest regional tournaments.

The tournaments feature various state champs from the northwest US, playing in a MODIFIED double elimination bracket, with all games lasting for 7 innings, unless the mercy rules takes effect.

The first 2 days proceed as normal, then after the third day, the matchups are re-arraigned.

It leaves 1 team in the winners bracket and 3 in the losers bracket, because on Day 3, only 3 games are played (2 in the losers bracket and 1 in the winners bracket).

On Day 4, the 1 team left in the winners bracket will face one of the losers bracket teams (a team that they have not yet faced), but regardless of what happens, that winners bracket team is still in the championship game.

If the winners bracket team wins on Day 4, then the other team that comes out of the losers bracket, must win twice on Day 5 to win the championship.

If the winners bracket team loses on Day 4, that team is still in the championship game, but the championship game, becomes a 1-game winner-take-all, because of the loss on Day 4.

Long story short…the only time, a team has to play twice in one day, during the tournament, is the last day, and that’s only if they have 1 loss, weather pending.

In AA, the team that wins the tournament, gets to compete in the Legion World Series, to be played in Shelby, North Carolina.

A Wyoming team has never made it to the LWS.

Cheyenne Post 6 has made it to the regional championship game 3 times (the last in 2006, when the NW Regional Tournament was played in Casper), but has been unable to close the deal.

The Gillette Roughriders made it to the regional championship game in 2015, in Cheyenne.

In A-League, the season is over after the NW Regional Tournament.

There is no Legion World Series for A-League teams.

AA at Missoula, Montana:

The 8-team bracket has the State Champs from Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Alaska, Washington, Hawaii and the host team.

Wednesday, August 8:

Selah, WA Yakima Valley 4 Medford, OR 3

Meridian, ID 8 Juneau, AK 7

Billings, MT Royals 11 Waipahu, HI 8

Cheyenne Post 6 5 Missoula, MT 3 Click here for a GameTracker

Thursday, August 9:

Waipahu HI 6 Medford, OR 5 Medford Eliminated.

Juneau, AK 13 Missoula, MT 9 Missoula Eliminated.

Selah, WA Yakima Valley 7 Billings. MT Royals 6

Meridian, ID 15 Cheyenne Post 6 9 Click here for a GameTracker

Friday, August 10:

Billings, MT Royals 16 Juneau, AK 3 Juneau Eliminated.

Cheyenne Post 6 10 Waipahu, HI 8 - Waipahu Eliminated. Click here for a GameTracker

Meridian, ID 3 Selah, WA Yakima Valley 2

Saturday, August 11:

Selah, WA Yakima Valley 10 Cheyenne Post 6 4 Cheyenne Eliminated. Click here for a GameTracker

Meridian, ID 11 Billings, MT Royals 6 Billings Eliminated.

Sunday, August 12:

Meridian, ID 10 Selah, WA Yakima Valley 0 Championship


A at Lewiston, Idaho:

The 8-team bracket has the State Champs from Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Oregon, the Alaska runner-up, the Montana runner-up, and the host team.

Friday, August 10:

Whitefish, MT Glacier 12 Hyrum, UT 2

Cody Cubs 16 North Bend, OR North Coos Waterfront 3

Burley, ID 5 Anchorage, AK Dimond 4

Hamilton, MT Bitterroot 9 Lewiston, ID 0

Saturday, August 11:

Hyrum, UT 14 Anchorage, AK Dimond 3 Anchorage Eliminated.

North Bend, OR North Coos Waterfront 12 Lewiston, ID 4 Lewiston Eliminated.

Whitefish, MT Glacier 12 Burley, ID 2

Cody Cubs 12 Hamilton, MT Bitterroot 7

Sunday, August 12:

North Bend, OR North Coos Waterfront 16 Burley, ID 11 Burley Eliminated.

Hamilton, MT Bitterroot 11 Hyrum, UT 4 Hyrum Eliminated.

Whitefish, MT Glacier 13 Cody Cubs 2

Monday, August 13:

Cody Cubs 5 North Bend, OR North Coos 2 North Bend Eliminated.

Hamilton, MT Bitterroot 4 Whitefish, MT Glacier 2

Tuesday, August 14:

Since there are 3 teams with 1-loss each going into the final day, Whitefish gets the free pass into the championship game, because they were the last team to pick up their first loss.

Cody Cubs vs. Hamilton, MT Bitterroot - 1pm LOSER OUT! Click here to listen LIVE

Cody/Hamilton winner vs. Whitefish, MT Glacier - 4pm Championship 1-game winner take all.