They entertain the crowd during half-time and time outs and support the team throughout the was only fitting to give them a turn in the competition spotlight.

Cheer and dance teams competed at the 2013 State Spirit Competition at the Casper Events Center.

Results are posted below:

4A Non-Stunt Cheer:

Champion: Kelly Walsh

Runner-Up: Riverton


3A Non-Stunt Cheer:

Champion: Lyman

Runner-Up: Douglas


4A All-Girl Stunt Cheer:

Champion: South

Runner-Up: Central


3A All-Girl Stunt Cheer:

Champion: Lyman

Runner-Up: Powell


Co-Ed Cheer:

Champion: Central

Runner-Up: Douglas


4A Dance:

Champion: Kelly Walsh

Runner-Up: Evanston


3A Dance:

Champion: Lander

Runner-Up: Lovell