With the new year, comes a new version of the wyopreps.com website, and we hope this time around, we don’t undergo multiple changes like we did in 2010.

We’re sure you have questions, and we’ll do our best to answer them right now!

First off, the comment sections are back. We’ve run a few a tests, and they appear to be working! This has been deeply missed, by not just the visitors to the website, but by the website crew themselves! When the last version of the site was launched back in late August 2010, Gabe and Kevin had zero say, on what the site would look like, what all was included, etc…G & K did NOT make the decision to not have a comment section in the last version. The designer never put them in, and multiple requests were made, to no avail. Many other requests were made as well, with not much success.

Very shortly after the last version was launched, did ownership of the website change hands.. The new ownership did not like what they were looking at, and the first thing they did, was ask Gabe and Kevin what they wanted in the new site. Most things are ready, although there are a few bugs here and there that need working out…in particular, inputting all the team schedules, but that’s being worked on. We launched a little bit ahead of schedule, but we’re ok with that. We’ll figure something out!

One of things you might noticed on the front page, is that we have provided links to various local newspaper websites, who might have a little more detail on specific events, involving specific teams. For example, at the time of this posting, there’s an article linked to Evanston, talking about the swim team. This will change randomly with various sites, but we’re trying to give a little love to some of the local media outlets.

Each school has its own page, and we’re working on filling those pages with anything related to the school and the sport in season. Also each sport has it’s own page and we’re working on that too. As mentioned earlier, we’re still figuring out some of the kinks and bugs, so bear with us, as we plug things in. You can also set a certain school page to be the first page you go to, whenever you visit the website!

Also, as a shout out to students/athletes, if there's ever any news regarding a team or an athlete/coach, pass it on to us at scores@wyopreps.com. Game recap, game preview, athlete signs for a college, etc...We may post your story, and give you credit for it!

With that said, look around the site, and a big welcome back to our bloggers!

Gabe and Kevin

Update (12/30/10) We recently realized that our email is not working. We're looking into this!