The 2014 football season is over, and plans are already out for the 2015 season, which isn't much different aside from location.

With an exception or two, the 2015 schedule has the same teams facing each other, in the same order as the 2014 schedule, but the game will played at the other place.

The main exception is Cheyenne East.

The 2015 schedule is what the 2013 schedule was supposed to be.

The Thunderbirds were supposed to host Cheyenne South and Cheyenne Central that year, and then play the Bison and Indians on the road in 2014.

However, due to construction at Okie Blanchard stadium, the 2013 home games vs. South and Central became road games, thus East had a 3-home, 6-away game schedule, and then had 6-home, 3-away in 2014.

With most if not all construction completed, East will go back to having a 5-and-4 schedule like every other team in 4A.

Like 2013, the 2015 schedule gives East 5 home and 4 away games, and they will host Central and South for the second year in a row.

Also in 2015, Burns should be able to play home games on its own field again.

The field had to be torn up, to install a new track surrounding the field.

In 2014, the Broncs had to play 3 of their home games at Cheyenne South, and the other at Pine Bluffs.

As for the rest of the 2015 schedule, here are some key matchups based on 2014 records.

Week 0: South at Evanston, Natrona at Central

Week 1: East at Natrona, 2A Champ Mountain View at 1A Champ Cokeville, Lovell at Big Horn, Lyman at Wheatland, Guernsey-Sunrise at Dubois

Week 2: Cody at Douglas, Mountain View at Greybull, Big Horn at Lyman, Wheatland at Thermopolis, Upton-Sundance at Lusk, Shoshoni at Rocky Mountain, Kaycee at Guernsey-Sunrise, Little Snake River at Meeteetse

Week 3: Gillette at Natrona, East at Sheridan, Douglas at Star Valley, Powell at Riverton, Jackson at Rawlins, Newcastle at Wheatland, Upton-Sundance at Tongue River, Dubois at Farson-Eden.

Week 4: Star Valley at Cody, Riverton at Torrington, Greybull at Newcastle, Mountain View at Lovell, Moorcroft at Upton-Sundance, Rocky Mountain at Cokeville, Kaycee at Midwest, Farson-Eden at Meeteetse

Week 5: Sheridan at Gillette, Central at East, Torrington at Douglas, Rawlins at Riverton, Big Horn at Thermopolis, Lovell at Lyman, Lingle-Ft. Laramie at Upton-Sundance, H.E.M. at Guernsey-Sunrise, Meeteetse at Dubois

Week 6: Douglas at Rawlins, Jackson at Cody, Thermopolis at Lovell, Lusk at Lingle-Ft. Laramie, Dubois at Little Snake River

Week 7: Natrona at Sheridan, Riverton at Douglas, Newcastle at Big Horn, Glenrock at Thermopolis, Greybull at Lyman, Lingle-Ft. Laramie at Tongue River, Kaycee at Little Snake River.

Week 8: Gillette at East, Jackson at Star Valley, Powell at Cody, Torrington at Rawlins, Big Horn at Wheatland, Lyman at Mountain View, Lovell at Greybull, Meeteetse at Guernsey-Sunrise, Little Snake River at Farson-Eden, H.E.M. at Kaycee.

To see 2015 team schedules, go to the page for each team, and scroll to the bottom of the page.