Not too much in the way of ranked team vs. ranked team this weekend, as many schools prepare for the winter break.Sheridan remains on top of the 4A poll, while Natrona moves up to #2 and Central is now #3, meaning Gillette dropped to #4. Laramie takes the final spot. Every 4A top 5 team except NC will play at the Flaming Gorge this weekend in Green River. Undefeated and unranked Evanston will be looking to prove themselves...hopefully at the expense of Gillette on Friday, and/or Central on Saturday. As for Natrona, they will be playing in Billings, MT.

Mountain View is now the new queen of the hill on the 3A side. The Lady Buffs will also be in GR this weekend for 3 games. Buffalo drops to #2, and will host Cheyenne South on Friday, and then visit Powell on Saturday. Cody, Torrington and Douglas take #3, 4 and 5...and the Fillies play both teams ranked below them this weekend, at the Douglas Classic. Then on Tuesday, they host 2A top ranked Lovell.

As mentioned, the Lady Bulldogs are #1 in the 2A poll, although #2 Big Horn isn't far behind. The Lady Bulldogs visit 3A Powell, and host Greybull this weekend. Then on Tuesday, they visit #3 3A Cody. The Lady Rams and #3 Tongue River host the Foothills Classic this weekend. Among the visitors is Wyoming Indian who is tied for the #5 spot with Pine Bluffs. The Lady Hornets host Lingle-Ft. Laramie and Saratoga this weekend. Not to be left out is #4 Rocky Mountain, who will host #3 1A Burlington on Saturday.

Cokeville has a comfortable lead on the other 1A teams in their poll. The Lady Panthers host North Gem, ID on Friday, then visit Dubois on Saturday. Kaycee is now the new #2 team, but won't get a chance to prove it this week, as the Lady Bucs have no game scheduled. Defending champ Burlington is #3 and will play at 2A Riverside on Friday, then visit #4 2A Rocky Mountain on Saturday. #4 Little Snake River will deal with out of state compeition, both away and home this weekend, while #5 Guernsey will entertain Midwest.

Voting Breakdown:

4A: Sheridan with 11 1st place votes, 3 2nd place votes, and 1 3rd place vote, for a total of 70 points. Natrona with 3 1st's, 5 2nd's, 6 3rd's, and 1 4th, for 55 points. Central with 1 1st, 5 2nd's, 3 3rd's, 3 4th's, and 3 5th's, for 43 points. Gillette with 1 2nd, 4 3rd's, 7 4th's and 3 5th's, for 33 points. Laramie with 1 2nd, 4 4th's and 6 5th's, for 18 points. Evanston with 1 3rd, and 2 5th's, for 5 points. East with 1 5th, for 1 point.

3A: Mountain View with 12 1st place votes, 8 2nd place votes, and 2 3rd place votes, for a total of 98 points. Buffalo with 10 1st's, 8 2nd's, 1 3rd, 1 4th, and 2 5th's, for 89 points. Cody with 3 2nd's, 12 3rd's, 5 4th's and 2 5th's, for 60 points. Torrington with 2 2nd's, 5 3rd's, 8 4th's and 6 5th's, for 45 points. Douglas with 1 2nd, 2 3rd's, 7 4th's and 10 5th's, for 34 points. Powell with 1 4th, for 2 points. Wheatland with 2 5th's, for 2 points.

2A: Lovell with 12 1st place votes, and 6 2nd place votes, for a total of 84 points. Big Horn with 6 1st's, and 12 2nd's, for 78 points. Tongue River with 15 3rd's, 2 4th's and 1 5th, for 50 points. Rocky Mountain with 2 3rd's, 6 4th's and 5 5th's, for 23 points. Pine Bluffs with 1 3rd, 2 4th's, and 8 5th's, for 15 points. Wyoming Indian with 6 4th's and 3 5th's, for 15 points. Burns with 2 4th's and 1 5th, for 5 points.

1A: Cokeville with 10 1st place votes, and 1 2nd place vote, for a total of 54 points. Kaycee with 1 1st, 5 2nd's, and 4 3rd's, for 37 points. Burlington with 5 2nd's, 4 3rd's and 2 4th's, for 36 points. Little Snake River with 2 3rd's, 4 4th's and 3 5th's, for 17 points. Guernsey with 1 3rd, 3 4th's, and 5 5th's, for 14 points. Meeteetse with 2 4th's and 1 5th, for 5 points. Chugwater with 2 5th's, for 2 points.