Video highlights of the 2A Football State Championship Game, between Big Horn vs. Mountain View.

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The Buffalos would grind out 303 rushing yards, and hold the previously unbeaten and defending champ Rams scoreless in the second half, to win their first state title since 1991.



It's hard to tell if there was someone underneath all that winter equipment, or if it's a well dressed robot. It's not me, that's for sure.

Big Horn vs. Mountain View in the 2A State Championship game...first quarter...Big Horn wearing the white...Kerry Powers is going to power through the defense and the snow for 11 yards as if he were from Alaska. Oh wait...he is. Conversion no good though, so the score is 6-to-nothing.

Then the defense would make a play...Austin Houskeeper wanted to get a quick throw past 2 defenders, but Mason Lube was a little bit quicker...he'll step in front of the receiver...get himself an interception and he's racing the other way for a 50 yard pick 6...the Rams were the king of the mountain so far. They have a 12-zip lead, after the first 12 minutes.

Second quarter...Mountain View would begin to climb their way back into this one...Houskeeper will take matters into his own hands on this play and charge in from 8 yards out, to get his team on the scoreboard, but they still trail 12-to-7.

Later...the defending champs were trying to hang on to the lead, but you got to hang on to the ball in order to do that. Alex Houskeeper forces the fumble. Dusty Iorg will make the recovery at the Big Horn 22-yard line, which means the Buffalos have a short field to work with.

Last year's state runner-ups would keep it on the ground this time...Cade Covington takes the option pitch...goes around for 12 yards, and I think he likes playing in the snow. Takes a little sleigh ride and the lead has changed it's 14-to-12.

Big Horn would battle back...their undefeated season was on the line as well...Collin Powers screens a pass to Christian Mayer, and he will show why he's the main scoring threat...22 yards along the near sideline...almost hits the camera, and gets the touchdown. That would swing the pendulum in the other's 19-to-14 going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...this was an important moment in several ways...Austin Houskeeper gets blindsided by Nolan McCafferty...Garrett Allen recovers for the Rams at the Mountain View 25 yard line, and now they have a great opportunity to seize control of this game.

...but the Buffalo's defense would hold...4th and 8 at the 23...Austin Houskeeper is going to get a measure of redemption and he will take down Seth Kite for an 8 yard loss. No damage done on the scoreboard, and that was a big momentum shifter.

Moving on...M-V was having a lot of success on the ground...303 yards to be's 27 of them by Austin Houskeeper...184 yards and 2 TD's were his good on the 2-point conversion, but we got a good game going was 20-to-19 going into the final 12 minutes.

4th quarter...Covington did his part as well...another option pitch...he ran for 130 yards...2 touchdowns...and his 2 were a little more difficult to obtain, but they were worth it. This effort, plus a 2-point conversion would put the Buffalos ahead 28-to-19, which is a 2-score advantage.

Big Horn still had some time...but this ended up being the back-breaker...Collin Powers' screen pass is picked off by Iorg with 5:45 to go...and Mountain View was able to pick up a number of first downs and run out the clock from there.

This year, unlike last, the Buffalos would take home the better trophy in their own words. Their first since 1997.

Final score 28-to-19.

Mountain View would finish the season with a record of 10-and-1.