Girls basketball rankings for the first of 2013 are nearly identical to the final one of 2012.

While on the surface, it looks like there is hardly any change in the top five for each class in girl's basketball.  #1's stay the same in Sheridan, Douglas, Tongue River, and Cokeville.   It's the underlying tones that you should be aware of to see changes.

In 1A, Cokeville is #1. Last week, the Panthers were a unanimous choice. This week, they share 12 top votes with Lingle-Fort Laramie...7 and 5. Upton remains third while Rock River makes more history moving up a spot to #4. Little Snake River's loss to #1 Cokeville moves the Lady Rattlers to fifth. Those were the only teams to get votes in this week's 1A poll. Weather and roads permitting, we'll find out which team is for real, in an undefeated vs. undefeated matchup, when RR travels to Lingle.

1  Cokeville (7)   2  Lingle-Fort Laramie (5)   3  Upton   4  Rock River    5  Snake River

Tongue River had all but one first place vote last week. After thrashing Lovell at Lovell last weekend, the doubt has been removed in that one voter's mind and the TR Eagles are #1 with all 19 top votes. Thermopolis moves into the 2 spot with Lovell dropping to third. Friday night had #3 at #2 in a rematch of last year's state championship game. Wind River and Burns remain 4th and 5th. Five other teams received votes but not enough to break the top five.

1  Tongue River (19)   2  Thermopolis   3  Lovell   4  Wind River   5  Burns

Douglas is a unanimous choice for #1, again, in 3A. The Lady Bearcats took all 22 top votes. Star Valley is 2nd, Rawlins is third. Torrington moves up a notch to fourth making way for Buffalo to return to the ranks in 5th, tied with Lyman. Powell's two game road loss in the Bridger Valley pulls the Lady Panthers from the poll. Rawlins has a chance to make a statement this weekend. They host #1 Douglas on Friday (and remember...last year, Douglas was ranked #1, went to Rawlins and got beat). Then on Saturday, the Lady Outlaws travel to Buffalo.

1  Douglas (22)  2  Star Valley   3  Rawlins   4 Torrington  5T  Buffalo  5T Lyman

4A has three teams with #1 votes. Sheridan got the most, though, and at 10-0 remain #1.   East and Gillette split the other three top ballots and tie for second. Natrona falls to fourth with Laramie staying fifth. Central and Rock Springs also received a fifth place vote each. The top ranked Lady Broncs should be in for a game Saturday at #4 Natrona.

1 Sheridan (14)   2T  East (1)  2T  Gillette (2)   4   Natrona    5   Laramie