In a match-up that went back and forth, the North finally pulled away in the final set to win the 2013 Wyoming Coaches Association All-Star Game.

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Set 1: North wins 25-21

Set 2: South wins 25-20

Set 3: North wins 25-17

Set 4: South wins 25-22

Set 5: North wins 15-10



Don't you just love it when modern technology does not work? At least a back-up plan was ready so we would know what the score was.

North vs. South in the Wyoming Coaches Association All-Star Volleyball game...first set...the south wearing the white...Shai Schaefer out of Torrington finds an unguarded space in the North's back-court...that will get things started for her team and they lead 1-to-nothing.

The opposition did not take long to answer...Kailey Anderson of Gillette is serving them up and that ball will not be returned. Technically...that's an ace,..and she'll take it. North trails 3-to-2.

They were using a little more force in the early goings and it was paying's Becky Dent of Powell asserting herself and that ball will stay in and hit the floor...and now we're tied at 4.

The South would return the favor...they'll set it up for Kortney Freeland of Evanston and she'll knock it down on the other side for a point...that will put her team back on top 5-to-4.

They did not have the height advantage in this game, but they were finding ways to get over their opponent...Sally Sanders of Cheyenne East shows why she was the named the Gatorade Player of the the South would maintain their slim lead...7-to-6.

But the North did not stay down for's the big girl...Mali Wright of Sheridan is 6-1...and she'll bring the hammer down for her team and this contest is knotted up again at 8.

Then the defense would step up...times 2...number 11 is Shannon Van Antwerp of Glenrock and number 9 is Alicia Hedlund of Kelly Walsh...they team up for the block and get another point...the north is now ahead, 13-to-11.

Both sides were trying to get as many players as they could in on the's Kristen Bailey out of Riverton...she put just enough force on that kill to get past the defense, and the North is still ahead, 17-to-15.

The South knew if they could not beat the North's defense...just go over them...Makailey Smith out of Lyman will just deliver a shove and the other side reacted too late...21-16 is the score, and it's her team that is trailing.

They would catch up...Freeland was not as close to the net as she would like to be...but she found a way to get the job done and get a point for the cause...South still down 23-21.

But the opposition would not fold under the pressure...Wright is delivering a trump card, that looks like an ace...and that will take care of that. The North would win the first set, 25-21, to lead the match 1-to-nothing.

Second set...South on the near side...Sanders fooled the defense into thinking she was going one way...and then went the got the point, and her team would get out to a 2-zip lead.

The North dug themselves into a hole and tried to play the right cards to get out of it...Wright gets an assist from the net on the serve and that will drop for an ace...but they still trail 14-to-9.

However, the South wanted to keep the opposition down...Marissa Pope of Cokeville will deny access to her side of the court...that would help her team maintain a decent advantage...up 19-13.

They just kept doing what they were doing...Sanders is going to make this kill look like it was fun...I guess if you're on the court, it is...South still ahead, 20-to-15.

There was no way though...that the North was going to go away...Wright is going to return the favor from the last highlight...and the opposition was not quite ready for it...that ball is in the stands and the North is only down 21-to-18.

That would make Freeland angry...and you don't want to make a Lady Red Devil angry...she'll do something like this...that ball went down to you know where down-stairs and she was feeling it...the South would win the second set...25-to-20 to tie the match up at 1-set a piece.

Onto the third set...let's get someone new in on these highlights...Brittany Belt out of Wright...and the line judge said that was's an ace for the North as they would take a 3-nothing lead.

Now what good is one ace? Belt knows how to play cards, and she knows that a pair of aces is good in almost any the score is 5-zip.

They were not messing around in this set...and you got to love it, when the opposition sets the ball up for you. Kailey Anderson will welcome the free gift and send it right back where it came from...her team is taking charge with a 6-nothing advantage.

But, the South would storm back...defense was the name of the game here...Freeland with the rejection and all of a sudden, her squad is right back in this game, down 6-to-5.

Freeland actually has an Evanston team-mate on her side...this is McKensie Herold adding to the cause and every little bit helped...the south is down by a little bit...10-to-8 at this point.

They would stay within striking distance...Scaefer is back on the court...she helped her Lady TrailBlazers team win their ever state championship back in October...and now she has the South All-Stars down by's 10-to-9.

The score would eventually get tied up...but then Wright would set things right for her'll see more from her later...the North is back up 12-to-11.

Skipping ahead's someone new...another's Jenna Anderson out of Buffalo...she had her moments and that's one of the North would win the third set, 25-to-17 and they now lead the match 2-sets-to-1.

Now in Set 4...the north on the near side...Wright is just going to swing her fist and pound that ball into the ground...that sent a message...her team is up 2-to-1.

The South would regroup...Lexi Erickson out of Star Valley will raise her hands because she's sure she will get a block for her team...however, they are still being doubled up...4-to-2.

They would move ahead...the trick was they had to keep it that way...and if you can serve up aces like problem...that was Bethaney Briggs out of Cokeville who did the honors...the South is up 13-to-11.

This set was a back and forth expected...Sanders will make a statement as she'll find some floor for the South...and the score is tied up at 16-all.

Who else have we not about Tiffani Dennis of Lyman...she'll raise the roof on the far side and that ball will not get past her...Lady Eagles don't let that happen. The South has the edge...up 20-to-18.

This match was turning out to be pretty good, unlike the past few years...Schaefer is going to make it more interesting on this kill...I think she was aiming for the camera. The South wins Set 4...25-22 and this match is dead even at 2-sets-each.

Now in the 5th and deciding set...a pattern had developed so far...which-ever team was on the right side...was losing...Van Antwerp was trying to undo that trend...and the North would go up 3-to-1.

The South was hoping they picked the right side...Dennis will block the path forward on that kill attempt...that got a point, but her team needs a couple of more, trailing 6-to-4.

Remember what I said earlier about the other team setting things up for you? Perfect example right here. Wright says thank you very much...I'll have another helping! The North was closing in on the win...leading 11-to-7.

If the South was going to lose...they would go down trying...Erickson with a rejection of her own...that had to feel good...even with her team still down 12-to-9.

But when things are right...they're...well...Wright. The Lady Bronc will seal the deal with a defensive the North would win the 5th set...15-to-10...and that would give them the match...3-sets-to-2.