With the score tied at halftime, one team showed up in the 2nd half, while the other team pretty much stayed in the locker room.

The South would go on a 22-6 run to close out the 3rd quarter, and never looked back en route to a 92-74 win vs. the North.

Five players for the South scored in double figures, including a 21-point performance by Madison Forney of Rawlins.

The north was led by Madison Browning of Natrona and Alissa Prosceno of Cody, who scored 13 points each.

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North: 18-27-12-17 = 74

South: 23-22-32-15 = 92

North scoring:

Bridget Schumacher (Cody) - 11

Kristi Ragan (Lander) - 9

Alissa Prosceno (Cody) - 13

Stephany Session (Sheridan) - 9

Chelsea Ullery (Kaycee) - 3

Madison Browning (Natrona) - 13

Katy Pannell (Hulett) - 5

Alyssa Geiser (Lovell) - 7

Megan Lund (Kaycee) - 2

Cheyanne Balster (Natrona) - 2

South Scoring:

Kyleigh Hiser (Laramie) - 11

Grace Newman (Rock Springs) - 6

Anneshia Hill (Wyoming Indian) - 2

Bailey Ward (Burns) - 2

Mikayla Brower (Torrington) - 11

Theresa Allgaier (Rock Springs) - 2

Morgan Wille (Little Snake River) - 12

Ragen Wilson (Laramie) - 19

Madison Forney (Rawlins) - 21

Breann Jackson (Wheatland) - 6


Elvis once said, if you can’t find a partner, use a wooden chair…but from the way we see it…there’s nothing wrong with busting a move in your seat.

North vs. South in the Wyoming Coaches Association All-Star Basketball Game in Casper…first quarter…north wearing the brown and off the opening tip, they went right to work…Bridget Schumacher of Cody takes the assist and lays in the first basket of the game, to put her team up 2-nothing.

The south did not take long to answer…Kyleigh Hiser of Laramie was looking for anyone, but when that didn’t work, she decided to shoot for 3 and that did work…11 points for the Lady Plainsmen and the score is 3-to-2.

Things went back and forth for awhile and that was to be expected…Alissa Prosceno of Cody is open behind the double team…for the first 2 of her 13 points…north goes back up 4-to-3.

The Cody girls were doing all the work early on and there was advantages to that…Schumacher takes the assist from her team-mate and lays in 2 of her 11…that made the score 8-to-3.

…and here comes more from the Fillies…here’s Prosceno taking the lob inside for another basket…the north is enjoying a 10-to-3 lead and was off to a good start.

The south would regroup and work on the inside game…Madison Forney of Rawlins did most of that work…and got hacked a few times. She led all scorers with 21 points…south still trails, 10-to-6.

Here’s something rare…defense at an all star game…Cheyanne Balster of Natrona will make sure that ball stays grounded and that would stop 2 points for the time being.

But the south was still on the move…here’s Ragen Wilson of Laramie leading a 2-on-1 fast break and she’ll decide to finish this one herself…she added on 19 points of her own and her team now leads, 14-to-11.

There was more…let’s get Breann Jackson of Wheatland in here…and the defense just got out of her way…there was no stopping her. 6 points for the Lady Bulldog and that would cap off a 13-to-1 run…the South is up 16-to-11.

Back comes the north…here’s Megan Lund of Kaycee putting in her only 2-points of the game, but it was for a good cause and her team is down 16-13.

They were trying to get everyone in on the act…this is Stephany Session of Sheridan putting in the first 2 of her 9 points and it’s back to a 1 point game…16-15.

But the South was not about read to give up the lead…Grace Newman of Rock Springs puts in a turn around jumper…the Lady Tiger scored 6 and the south was up 23-to-15 after the first 10 minutes.

2nd quarter…here comes the opposition…someone forgot about Schumacher and she’s going to make the defense pay with 3…that’s how the plan was drawn up…north only down 24-23.

The south still managed to keep them at arms length…that’s Morgan Wille of Little Snake River going the other way to lay in 2 of her 12 points…that opened up some breathing room…south leads, 29-23.

The small school players were making their contributions…here’s another one…Katy Pannell from Hulett…3 ball in the corner pocket. 5 points for the Lady Red Devil and the north is down 32-30.

Here comes more…here’s Madison Browning of Natrona leading the charge…and she’s going to take care of things herself with a great finger roll…13 points for the Filly…and this game is tied up at 34-points a piece.

Now if you’ve noticed on some of these highlights, some players were also trying to show off the latest style in shoe colors…Alyssa Geiser of Lovell, though was wearing the pink for a good cause…that got her 7 points…north goes back up 37-35.

The south would take the lead back, but the north would reclaim it…Kristi Ragan of Lander…swish…for 3…the Lady Tiger had 9 points and her team is back up 40-to-39.

On the other end…Forney is back in the game and she’s was doing what she does best…scoring inside and there was another example…the south trails 42-to-41 at this point.

We’re trying to get everyone in that we can…here’s Chelsea Ullery of Kaycee…hoop and the foul…her only 3 of the game, but they’ll take it…everything was knotted up at 45 going into the locker room.

3rd quarter…Here’s where the tide turned for good…it took a little time though…nice drive and finish by Wilson to give the advantage back to the south…it’s 51-to-47.

The north hung around for a little while…Prosceno…check out the shoes…it’s got to be them and it was on that jumper…her team still trails, 55-51.

Then the south would get to work…Wilson…finds room…drives through it…scores…just another day at the office…it’s now 57-51.

Let’s get the get Milward Simpson award winner in here…that would be Mikayla Brower of Torrington…she eyes it, spies it and buys it…11 points were her numbers…the scoreboard says 60-to-51.

The south was on a run and it made a difference…Wille is going coast to coast on this play and she will not be denied…the lead is in double-digits…it’s 62-to-51.

Most of the damage was done in this stretch…Hiser takes the pick and roll and does the rest on her own…that would polish off a 13-to-2 run and the lead is at 15 points…68-to-53.

The north was in trouble and they knew it…Ragan is ahead of the pack and scores off of the fast break…but her team never could get the deficit to less than 10 points…we’re at 68-57 right now.

The south was not going to let up…Hiser…for 3…hello…the lead is at its biggest…the south was up 75-to-57 going into the final 10 minutes.

4th quarter…the comeback was too late and it was not happening, but the north tried…Browning scores 3 from the top of the key, but they’re still down big…77-to-63.

We kept playing despite the final outcome…here’s the only 2 points for Balster…we figured we better get her in on the act…but the north is trailing 85-to-70.

That 3rd quarter run by the south made the difference…Wilson will put the nail in the coffin with this 3-bomb…that’s probably enough…as the south would cruise from there and go on to win, 88-to-74.