Records were challenged, and some were broken.

All in all 7 records were broken, at the 2015 Wyoming High School State Track and Field Championships at Kelly Walsh High School in Casper.

Even though an athlete may have already done better than the state record in a particular event during the 2015, the Wyoming High School Activities Association, as well as Wyoming High School Track and Field Coaches have a rule, that it's not a state record, until you set it at the state meet.

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Boys Team Champs: Natrona (4A 3-peat and 5 of the last 6), Douglas (3A 2nd in last 3 years), Burns (2A first ever), and Cokeville (1A 3-peat).

Girls Team Champs: Gillette (4A 3-peat), Cody (3A 8-peats by 2 points over Star Valley), Big Horn (2A first since 2007), and Upton (1A first since 1997)

Day 3 Results: Scroll down to see highlights

Ann Wingeleth of Lyman set a new overall record in the girls high jump at 5 feet 8 1/4 inches. The old record was 5 feet 8 inches. She also won the girls 2A 200 meter dash.

Chase Anderson of Natrona tops Carlos Salcido of Rock Springs in the Boys 100 and 200 meter dashes. Salcido's only win was in the 400 meter dash.

In a photo finish, Walker Newell of Campbell County beat Chase Anderson of Natrona in the Boys 300 meter hurdles. Newell also won the 110 meter hurdles, and on Day 1, he won the Boys Pole Vault.

Dylan Rust of Green River wins the 4A Boys Shot Put. Won the 4A Boys Discus on Day 2.

Martin Fitzwater of Lusk won his 2nd 2A boys discus title, on top of 3 shot put titles.

Brody Smith of Cody set a new 3A record in the boys 1600 meter run with a time of 4 minutes 18.58 seconds. Old record was 4:24.56, set in 1992.

The 4x400 meter relay team from Douglas set a new 3A record with a time of 3 minutes 23.49 seconds. The old record was 3:24.30.

Jace Marx of Big Piney won the 2A Boys 100 and 200 meter dashes for the 3rd year in a row.

Emily Reed of Cody won both hurdle races for the second year in a row. She also won the high jump and long jump.

Jace Peterson of Cokeville won the Boys 1A 100, 200 and 400 meter dashes. It's the second year in a row that he's won the 200.

Savannah Phillips of Cokeville won the Girls 1A 100, 200 and 400 meter dashes, for the second year in a row.

In addition to the pole vault on Day 1, Zariah Tolman of Burlington won both 1A hurdle races.

Baily Bard of Big Horn won both the 2A 100 meter dash and the 300 meter hurdle races.

Freshmen Julia Kay O'Neill of Powell won the 3A 800 meter run on Day 2, and the 400 meter dash on Day 3.



Dick Fosbury...the gold medal winning Olympian who revolutionized and modernized the high jump by being the first person to jump over the bar backwards, was in Casper to check out some of the action...and he had one event in mind in particular.

This is the Final Day of the 2015 Wyoming High School State Track and Field Meet...starting with the 1A Girls 100 meter hurdles...a couple of runners went down near the end, but they were ok...and Zariah Tolman of Burlington crosses the line first in a time of 16.88 seconds...she set a new 1A record in the pole vault 2 days prior.

2A Girls 100 meter hurdles...wearing the red is Grace Tanner...a freshman out of Big Piney...she would win by a full second plus, taking 16.42 seconds to do it. We will see her in future state meets.

3A Girls 100 meter hurdles...on the left is Emily Reed of Cody, and on the right is Danna Hanks of Powell...this is not the first time these 2 have raced each other...but Reed will win the last race in 16.23 seconds. That would give her team some important points in the standings.

4A Girls 100 meter hurdles...first through fifth were separated by less than one-half of a second...wearing the maroon is Taylor Arsaga of Laramie...she had just a little bit more in the end and she will turn in a time of 15.59 seconds...the fastest of all the girls races.

1A Boys 110 meter hurdles...this was the orange is James Teichert of the white is Rowan Hawk of Dubois...and in the blue is Noah Elm of went down to the wire and Hawk nips Elm by 0.01 seconds...15.86 seconds was the winning time, and everyone was ok at the finish line

2A Boys 110 meter hurdles...Tongue River placed first and second in this race...leading the way was Micaiah Huff, as he will beat his team-mate Austin Scammon by exactly one-half of second...the clock shows 15.65 seconds.

3A Boys 110 meter hurdles...Cody and Powell would duke it out again...when the race was was Jackson Bower for the Broncs who would just get past Panther Kalei Smith. 15.03 seconds was the winning time for the senior.

4A Boys 100 meter's Walker Newell of Campbell County...he won the pole vault 2 days ago...and now he has another first place medal to add to his collection. 14.61 seconds was his time...he was the only runner faster than 15 seconds for the weekend.

1A Girls 100 meter dash...the hurdles are gone and now it's a straight shot...Savannah Phillips of Cokeville takes the race in 13.29 seconds, to help the Lady Panthers to a third place finish in the team standings.

2A Girls 100 meter dash...4th from the right is Bailey Bard of Big Horn...and we'll zoom in on her to give you a better look as to who won...the junior beats everyone else in this one...12.90 seconds was her time.

3A Girls 100 meter the middle wearing the blue is Kelsi Gamble of Douglas...she did not win by much...0.08 seconds was the margin of victory...and the winning time was 13.02 seconds.

4A Girls 100 meter dash...wearing the green is Hannah Carter of Kelly Walsh...taking advantage of the home track...and she learned a few lessons from her predecessor Jerayah Davis...the Lady Trojan has the fastest time in 12.61 seconds to get the win.

1A Boys 100 meter dash...wearing the orange is Jace Petersen of are going to see this guy several times...he was first to the finish and the senior checks in with a time of 11.64 seconds.

2A Boys 100 meter a moment you will see Jace Marx from Big Piney...this is the third year in a row that he has won this race...this year had a time of 11.12 seconds and he has a another race to go on the day.

3A Boys 100 meter was a 3 person race as you are about to see...0.06 seconds separated first from 3rd...when the dust settled...Gage Pitt of Douglas was the winner...he had number 153 on his back...the winning time was 11.49 seconds.

4A Boys 100 meter dash...this was the race that many were looking forward to...Chase Anderson of Natrona vs. Carlos Salcido of Rock the first of 2 races. Round 1 went to Anderson...10.99 seconds vs. 11.08...actually those times were reversed in the preliminaries were Salcido won.

1A Girls 300 meter's Tolman of Burlington again...easily clearing the obstacles and crossing the finish line in 47.67 seconds, for her third win of the weekend. She's just a junior, so we will see her again next year.

2A Girls 300 meter hurdles...on the left is Bard from Big Horn and on the right is Cayley Gibb of Southeast...Gibb got over the final hurdle first, but Bard had a little more push at the end to win by 0.01 seconds. 45.82 seconds was the winning time.

3A Girls 300 meter's Reed of Cody again...trying to hold off Aspen Heward of Star Valley...this race may have been the difference as to why the Fillies 8-peated as 3A team champs by 2 points over the Lady Braves...Reed's winning time was 46.49 seconds.

4A Girls 300 meter contest was Cali Stewart of Cheyenne South, by almost 1 second ahead of the rest of the field...the Lady Bison will cross the finish line easily in 45.18 seconds.

1A Boys 300 meter hurdles...Teichert of Cokeville did not have much competition...2 seconds in a race is a lot of time...but he would finish like it was close. His time was 39.62 seconds, but no bonus points for the landing. Wrong sport.

2A Boys 300 meter hurdles...this is Paden Wilson of Burns...he did his job in helping the Broncs win their first team title ever. 39.70 seconds was his time and that net his team 10 more points.

3A Boys 300 meter's Justin Leman of Douglas in the blue...trying to hold off Tristan Hepp of Buffalo which he would and get across the finish line in 39.70 seconds...a win by 1-tenth of a second.

4A Boys 300 meter was a photo finish. Newell of Campbell County in the purple and Anderson of Natrona in the black...great race...great finish...and the finish line camera had Newell winning by a hair...38.69 seconds, as he would take both hurdle races.

Now for a couple of field events...2A girls high jump...Ann Wingeleth of Lyman...she got some advice from Fosbury...5 feet 8 and one-quarter inches...a new overall state record. That's 3 records on the weekend for the University of Utah bound senior...and she still has a race to run in.

3A Boys high's Brandon Teter of Lovell...last chance for him at 6 feet 4 inches and he made it. He was not expected to get this far, but the State Meet is where you are supposed to P-R.

So that put the pressure on Kyle Pollock of Wheatland...last year's state runner-up and he would get over as well. Neither jumper would clear 6 feet 6 inches, so after examining the tie-breakers...Pollock had fewer misses through-out the competition, so the junior would get the win.

Back to the track...1A Girls 400 meter's Phillips of Cokeville again...keeping her distance from McKenzie Powell of might remember Powell beat Phillips in the 800 on Day 2...not this time. 59.75 seconds was the winning time and she was the only 1A runner to run 1 lap in less than 1 minute.

2A Girls 400 meter the previous race...LeeAnna Mitchell of Tongue River was the only runner to beat the one minute timer...she will complete the job in 58.75 seconds and win by 1 and 1-quarter seconds.

3A Girls 400 meter dash...a couple of freshmen were leading the way...wearing the black is Julia Kay O'Neill of Powell...and on the left in the blue is Rachel Battershell of Wheatland...O'Neill would pick up her second win of the weekend in a time of 59.32 seconds, to add on to her 800 meter win the day before.

4A Girls 400 meter was hard to tell on this one...for awhile it looked like it was going to be Kelly Moodry of Campbell County...but look to the the last moment...Siri Christensen of Natrona would come through and cross the finish line first. The Filly's time was 57.63 seconds.

1A Boys 400 meter dash...a couple of Cokeville siblings leading this race...Jace Petersen on the left, would pull away from Macen Peterson and beat him by more than 1 second. Jace would clock in at 51.26 seconds.

2A Boys 400 meter was Marx leading the way and he would not give it up...the Puncher would punch his way across first and win in 49.75 seconds. That's 2 wins in as many races for him.

3A Boys 400 meter's Hepp again from Buffalo...and he has a competitive crowd behind him, but the senior was able to hold them off. He would best the field in 49.54 seconds, and get a first place medal.

4A Boys 400 meter dash...Salcido of Rock Springs needed to get himself a win...he wanted to get at least one medal before he heads over to the University of New Mexico and he would get it in this race...winning in 47.96 seconds.

1A Girls 1600 meter's another Teichert to the Cokeville family...this is freshman Janetta Teichert pulling away from her next closest competitor and she will cross the line in 5 minutes 36.59 seconds to get the win.

2A Girls 1600 meter the purple is Jules Ward of Thermopolis...she took the lead during the final lap...but Charlene Brown of Wyoming Indian would turn on the jets in the final stretch and pull away in the end...the winning time was 5 minutes 31.69 seconds.

3A Girls 1600 meter run...wearing the orange in Anna Gibson of Jackson...she ended up being the fastest of the girls runners in the mile, as the sophomore would turn in a time of 5 minutes 10.53 seconds, to get the win.

4A Girls 1600 meter run...wearing the orange is Molly Olsen of Natrona...she had a little more left in the tank at the end and put forth an extra burst of speed at the right time to win the race. Her time was 5 minutes 16.37 seconds.

1A Boys 1600 meter surprise's Cokeville again. The Panthers would place 1st, 2nd and 3rd in this race...on the right is Keenan Thompson...he would out-duel Cole Jackman by 0.09 seconds...and win with a time of 4 minutes 45.84 seconds.

2A Boys 1600 meter run...where's there's a long distance better believe Wyoming Indian is involved. Keegan HerManyHorses is last year's 2A cross country state champ. He also won the 800 the day before this race...and he will win 4 minutes 39.32 seconds.

3A Boys 1600 meter's Brody Smith of Cody...he already has the overall state record in the 3200...and in this race he would set a new 3A record...4 minutes 18.58 seconds...and he's a he will be back next year to try to break both of those marks.

4A Boys 1600 meter run...Hunter Davila of Kelly Walsh...he is back at 100% and ready to run at the University of Arizona...he would complete 4 laps in 9 minutes 31.20 seconds, and finish his high school career on a good note.

1A Girls 200 meter the middle wearing the's Phillips from Cokeville again...making it 3 for 3 on the short distance races. The sophomore would run her race to a time of 27.11 seconds, and she is quite used to finishing in first place by now.

2A Girls 200 meter dash...and you thought all that Wingeleth of Lyman could do was just jump...she can run as well. This is her 4th win of the weekend...26.28 seconds and that would help her Lady Eagles to a state runner-up finish.

3A Girls 200 meter was close for a bit, but then Gamble of Douglas would separate herself from the pack and get her second win of the day. 26.42 seconds was the winning time for the junior.

4A Girls 200 meter the middle wearing the maroon is Phoenix Farnham of things come in small packages sometimes...25.88 seconds not only got her first place, but best of the best honors for all girls 200 meter dash racers.

1A Boys 200 meter's Cokeville again...first and 2nd...Petersen would also have a 3 for 3 day, as the senior would run half of a lap in 23.13 seconds. The Panthers won the state title because they were at or near the top in every running event.

2A Boys 200 meter's Marx of Big Piney mentioned he has won the 100 for 3 years straight and now he can add 3 straight wins in the 200 as well. The future University of Wyoming sprinter gets the job done in 22.61 seconds.

3A Boys 200 meter dash...just right of the middle wearing the bright blue is Pitt of Douglas...the sophomore did not need hurdles to win his second event...the Bearcat would sprint to another win in 22.99 seconds, as he would help his team win the 3A team title.'s the 4A Boys 200 meter dash...Anderson vs. Salcido Round 2...and just to prove that his win in the 100 was not a fluke...Anderson does it again. The Mustang would cross the finish first, with a time of 21.79 seconds.


Day 2 Results: Scroll down to see highlights

Ann Wingeleth of Lyman sets a new 2A record in the girls triple jump, with a distance of 37 feet 10 1/4 inches, breaking the old record of 37 feet 0 inches.

Cokeville placed 1, 2, 3 in the Boys 1A 800 meter run.

2A Boys Cross Country State Champ Keegan HerManyHorses repeated as 2A Boys 800 meter run champ.

Martin Fitzwater of Lusk won his 3rd straight 2A Boys Shot Put with a throw of 57 feet 3 and 1/2 inches. He needed to be greater than 60 feet to challenge the records.

Maliya Crouch of Rock Springs beat Olivia L'Ami of Kelly Walsh to win the Girls 4A Discus. L'Ami beat Crouch last year.

Marcus Nolan of Kelly Walsh would repeat as 4A Boys High Jump champ.



When athletes relax, they usually play tunes on their mobile devices and some even blare tunes on the boom box...but these guys are chilling the old fashioned Wyoming way. Props to them.

Day 2 of the 2015 Wyoming High School State Track and Field Meet...starting the 4A Girls 800 meter run...this was a crowded race...0.83 seconds separated 1st from 4th...when the dust was Josie Givens of Green River who crossed the finish line first...with a time of 2 minutes 21.67 seconds.

3A Girls 800 meter started out as a 3-person race coming down the final stretch...and Julia Kay O'Neill of Powell had a little more left in the tank in the end...the freshman would win and her time was 2 minutes 17.02 seconds, which was the fastest of all the girls races.

2A Girls 800 meter run...leading the way is Rexanna Kelly of Kemmerer...the junior had about 4 seconds of cushion room...winning this race in 2 minutes 21.79 seconds.

1A Girls 800 meter run...this was close also...on the left is McKenzie Powell of Encampment...and on the right is Savannah Phillips of came down to which sophomore wanted it more in the final stretch and it turned out it was Powell. The winning time was 2 minutes 21.21 seconds.

Now for some field events...2A Girls Triple Jump...Ann Wingeleth of Lyman...she would hop skip and jump her way to a 2A record...37 feet 2 inches...and then a few minutes later after this...she would break it again. The new record is 37 feet 10 and one-quarter inches.

4A Girls Triple Jump...this is Amber Codr of Cheyenne South...she will do a 3-step jump for a distance of 36 feet 2 and one-quarter inches...the Bison program is still young, but they are beginning to make some progress, and this is a step in the right direction.

4A Girls Discus...Maliya Crouch of Rock Springs...she was runner-up last year to Olivia L'Ami of Kelly Walsh...but this time she would set things straight...128 feet 4 inches, for her second throwing title in as many days.

2A Boys Shot Put...Martin Fitzwater of Lusk was trying to challenge some records, but the rain probably had something to do with him coming up a little bit short. 57 feet 3 and one-half inches is nothing to hang your head over, and under the conditions he'll take it, because it was more than enough for the win.

4A Boys High jump...a couple of Casper athletes duking it out...Ryan Olsen of Natrona would clear 6 feet 2 inches on his final try. He needed that one, and it would get him off of the hook for a short time.

Now the pressure was on Marcus Nolan of Kelly Walsh, who is the defending champion...and he would deliver as well. Neither competitor would clear 6 feet 4 inches, but Nolan controlled the tie-breaker, due to fewer overall misses in the competition.

Back to the track...4A Boys 800 meter's Hunter Davila of Kelly Walsh...trying to hold off Kevin Thompson of Natrona and he will. The Trojan wins with a time of 1 minute 53.95 seconds...which was the fastest time of the day.

3A Boys 800 meter run...on the left wearing the white is Shane Henderson of Star Valley...the freshman would just beat Brody Smith of Cody by 0.23 seconds. The winning time was 1 minute 55.96 seconds.

2A Boys 800 meter run...this is Keegan HerManyHorses of Wyoming Indian...who is also last year's 2A Cross-Country state champ...he would repeat as champ in this event...and cross the finish line in 1 minute 57.66 seconds...he was the only runner in this race that was faster than 2 minutes.

Finally, it's 1A Boys 800 meter run...Cokeville initially placed first, second, third, and fourth in this race, but 1 got disqualified. Kennan Thompson would win first place honors, with a time of 2 minutes 3.93 seconds.


Day 1 Results: Scroll down to see highlights.

Brody Smith of Cody set a new overall state record in the boys 3200 meter run with a time of 9:21.29. Old record was 9:21.64 set last year by Hunter Davila of Kelly Walsh.

On the first jump, Ann Wingeleth of Lyman set a new overall state record in the long jump at 19 feet 9 inches. The old record was 19 feet 6 inches, set in 2009. She 4-peats as state champ (3 in 3A and the most recent in 2A).

Zariah Tolman of Burlington set a new 1A record in the girls pole vault at 11 feet 0 inches. Old record was 10 feet 0 inches.

Maliya Crouch of Rock Springs 3-peats as 4A girls shot put champ.

Lane George of Douglas repeated as 3A Boys Long Jump Champ, by 1/4 inch ahead of Taylor Hepp of Buffalo.



This little guy is practicing on a future track and field event. Roll all the way down and race back up. He probably just needs to fine tune a few rules.

This is Day 1 of the 2015 Wyoming High School Track and Field State Championships....starting with the Boys 3A 3200 meter run...this is Brody Smith...a junior from Cody with a new overall state record of 9 minutes 21.29 seconds...breaking the old record by 0.35 seconds that was set last year.

Boys 4A 3200 meter run...Hunter Davila of Kelly Walsh...he was the one who had his record broken and although he would not reclaim it...he would repeat as state champ, with a time of 9 minutes 31.20 seconds. He is heading to the University of Arizona to continue running.

Boys 2A 3200 meter run...Tyler Morgan from Burns crosses the line first with a time of 10 minutes 22.46 seconds. He had about 10 and 1/2 seconds of running room to spare, but he wanted to finish strong.

Boys 1A 3200 meter run...Cokeville got first, second, third and fifth in this race...although there was at least 14 seconds in between each runner...Cole Jackman won first place honors with a time of 10 minutes, 27.93 seconds.

Now for some field events...2A girls long jump...Ann Wingeleth of Lyman...on her first try...she would set a new overall state record of 19 feet 9 inches. She is heading to the University of Utah as a  4-time state champ in this event...the first 3 happened in Class 3A.

4A Boys Long Jump...this is Chase Anderson from Natrona...he would save the best for last...23 feet 3 and one-quarter inch. The senior placed third last year and he knew he had to have this one and he got it in dramatic fashion.

3A Boys Long Jump...this one was close...this is Taylor Hepp from Buffalo...22 feet 2 and one-quarter inches and a bunch of sand into the camera...that's pretty good, but every fraction of an inch counts.

Here's Lane George from Douglas...he's the defending champ coming in...22 feet 2 and one-half inches...and the senior will repeat by 1/4 of an inch. It does not get closer then that.

2A Boys Long's Triston Parrish from Shoshoni...launching himself to a distance of 20 feet 11 and one quarter inch. A pretty good day at the office for the junior and that would net him first place.

2A Boys High Jump...Jonathan Allred...a freshmen from Rocky Mountain...leaps over 6 feet 4 inches...he also cleared 6 feet 5 and one-quarter...but this the one that clinched it. He has 3 more years to do even better then that.

4A Boys Pole Vault...Walker Newell of Gillette...this highlight shows him clearing 13 feet 6 inches...and he would later go 1 foot higher then that to get the win. He was last year's state runner-up and had some good competition this year as well.

1A Girls Pole Vault...Zariah Tolman from Burlington...she has been consistent...this is a vault of 11 feet even, which is a new 1A record. She's a junior, so she will try to break her own mark again next year.

4A Girls Shot Put...Maliya Crouch of Rock Springs trailed for most of the competition...but on her final throw she would pass everyone up...42 feet 11 and 3-quarter inches...and she would end her high school career, as a 3-time champ in this event.

Back to the track...girls 1A 3200 meter's Michayla Miller of Ten Sleep in the blue...she was in control for most of this race and crosses the line with a time of 12 minutes 46.13 seconds.

Girls 2A 3200 meter run...Jules Ward of Thermopolis...she's also the 2A Cross Country State Champ...and she has another first place medal to add to her collection. Her time was 12 minutes 3.54 seconds.

Girls 3A 3200 meter run...wearing the black is Calbi Ausmann of Newcastle...she's the 3A Cross Country State Champ and she will complete 2 miles this year in 11 minutes 17.83 seconds. She was the fastest of any runner on the day and is now a 2-time state champ.

Finally...the Girls 4A 3200 meter run...on the left is Molly Olsen of Natrona pulling away from the field and lapping a couple of runners. She finishes with a time of 11 minutes 22.41 seconds.