The Bill Thoman / Soda Ash Memorial wrestling tournament was held last Friday and Saturday in Green River. This was a dual-format featuring 16 teams so it was a ton of wrestling pack in 2 days.

On Friday in the pool portion of the tournament, Green River placed first in the pool 1 with Worland 2nd, Uintah, Utah 3rd and Cokeville 4th.  Green River beat Cokeville 84-0, Worland over Uintah 54-24,  then Green River turned around and beat Unitah team 2 51-24 with Worland defeating Cokeville 54-24. In the 3rd round, Green River posted a 60-18 win over Worland and Uintah was a big winner over Cokeville 62-0

In pool 2, Evanston took first with Northridge, Utah 2nd, Rawlins 3rd, and Mountain View 4th.  In the first round of duals, Northridge got by Mountain View 42-24 and Evanston edged Rawlins 42-30. In the 2nd round, Evanston over Northridge 46-28 with Rawlins and Mountain View tying at 39. in the 3rd round of this pool, Northridge over Rawlins 42-39 and Evanston knocked off Mountain View 64-17.

Over in pool 3, Rock Springs took 1st in this group followed by Lyman Granger, Utah and Rifle, Colorado.  In the opening round of duals, Rock Springs over Lyman 54-30 with Granger beating Rifle 51-29. Rock Springs handled Rifle 64-12 in round 2 with Lyman edging Granger 42-34. And in the 3rd round, it was Rock Springs winning again, beating Granger 60-24 with Lyman defeating Rifle 42-33

In the 4th pool, Uintah team 1 placed first with Kelly Walsh 2nd, Riverton 3rd, and Kemmerer 4th.  Uintah beat Kemmerer to start things off 69-12 and Kelly Walsh was a winner over Riverton 60-24. In the 2nd round, Uintah big over Riverton 62-13 and Kelly Walsh big over Kemmerer 72-6. Uintah made it 3 for 3 in pool play with a 63-9 victory over Kelly Walsh and Riverton edged Kemmerer 42-24

After pool play, the squads were divided into 4 groups with Green River winning the platinum group thanks to a 38-30 win over Uintah. Rock Springs took 3rd with a 42-34 win over Evanston. In the gold bracket, Worland placed first with a 41-36 victory over Kelly Walsh. Northridge defeated Lyman 47-30 for 3rd.  In the silver bracket,  Uintah 2, took the podium with a 45-27 win over Riverton. Rawlins got by Granger 47-28 for 3rd and in the bronze bracket, Rifle Colorado beat Cokeville 40-36 for first and Mountain View got by Kemmerer 42-30 for 3rd

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