From Nulph....

The University of Wyoming wants to be the permanent host for the Wyoming High School Football State Championships each November.

The Wyoming High School Activities Association would prefer all five state championship games to be played at the same venue over a two-day period.

And most of the coaches and players who’ve participated in the last two state championship weekends in Laramie have given nothing but rave reviews for the entire process.

It seems the state football championships and UW’s War Memorial Stadium is a perfect marriage. Except for one problem for the university: its losing money on the deal.

UW athletics director Tom Burman said last week that the school has lost an average of $11,000 a year in hosting the event over the last two Novembers. Those costs include security, physical plant expenses to clean the stadium and the surrounding facility and personnel to run the event. And that doesn’t even include all the salaried UW athletic department employees who donate their time for the weekend.