Was it a win, or 2 wins?

Was it a win and a loss?

Was it a tie?

For a number of years, Wyoming High School Volleyball Coaches were never on the same page, when it came to keeping team records at volleyball invitationals.

That has now changed.

Recently, members of the Wyoming Coaches Association decided on how to count a game in the team's records, when Team A plays Team B in pool play of an invitational.

Long story short, if it's not best 2 out of 3, or best 3 out of 5, it doesn't count at all on the record.

In the past at some invitationals, Team A would play Team B in pool play, and it was 2 games and that was it.

An example would be pool play of the upcoming pool play games at invitationals in Riverton and Douglas, this weekend.

If Team A won both games, some coaches would count it as 2 wins (or 2 losses) while others counted it as 1 win (or 1 loss).

If the 2 teams split, some coaches counted it as 1 win and 1 loss, while others called it a tie on the team's record.

So to eliminate all the confusion, the members of the WCA decided to only count games that are best 2 out of 3, or best 3 out of 5.