Coaches of the year for the 2015 Spring Sports Season, have been named by the Wyoming Coaches Association.

Track and Field:

1A Boys: Briant Teichert, Cokeville

1A Girls: Lee McCoy, Upton

2A Boys: Cole Manlove, Burns

2A Girls: Kirk McLaughlin, Big Horn

3A Boys: Wes Gamble, Douglas

3A Girls: Bret Engdahl, Cody

4A Boys: Rosie Brown, Natrona County

4A Girls: Shelly Stremcha, Campbell County

Assistants (All Classes): Brent Jurgensen, Natrona County & Tim Gonzales, Mountain View



3A Boys: Tom Bresnehan, Jackson

3A Girls: Tom Ralston, Jackson

4A Boys: Tim Denisson, Cheyenne Central

4A Girls: Jim Gardner, Cheyenne East

Assistant (All Classes): Kristen Pizarro, Jackson