Cross country heads to the post season this weekend as they prep for state.

Cross Country has several venues ready to race as a final prep for state.    4A races will go down in Riverton at the Wind River Golf Course and in Laramie at Red Jacoby Golf Course.

3A West races at the Snake River Athletic Club near Jackson.  Glenrock hosts the 3A East, or Absaraka conference meet.      Despite being 2A, the Burns/Pine Bluffs team will race in Glenrock with the 3A's.  There is no conference meet for their area, so, they are allowed to race up a level for the weekend.  The PB/Burns girls team actually won the meet last year on their way to a 2A State title the following weekend.

The Powder River Conference meet aka...2A NE,   is at the Devils Tower Golf Club in Hulett.   It will be held Thursday afternoon.  The 2A NW runs at Foster Gulch Golf Course in Lovell.  Rocky Mountain hosts the event on Thursday afternoon.