It was an up and down season for the Pine Bluffs girls basketball team and this is a program that is used to winning and winning a lot. The Hornets entered the 2A East regional tournament as a #1 seed but left as the 4 seed. Their win over Wright propelled them into the state tournament which was followed by losses to Lusk and Moorcroft.

As it turns out, Pine Bluffs played in 3 very close games at the state tournament in Casper, and in the quarterfinal round, there were narrowly beaten by Wyoming Indian 53-45.  This was a game of halves as Pine Bluffs was outscored 17-2 in the first quarter but outscored the Chiefs 23-5 in the 4th quarter. Jaden Shelit led the Hornets with 13 points with Shelby Thurin chipped in 7.

In the consolation round, Pine Bluffs stayed alive in the tournament with a 53-51 win over Shoshoni. The Hornets really had to hang on at the end as they were outscored 20-12 in the 4th quarter and overcame 26 turnovers. Pine Bluffs did have four players in double figures in this game; Maegan Madden with 13, Abby Gray with 12 with Shelby Thurin, and Jaden Shelit throwing in 10 each.

Pine Bluffs then met Big Piney in the 5th/6th place game and this went right down to the wire as the Hornets prevailed 43-42 to finish the season 12-12. Each team shot over 40% from the floor in the 2nd half with Shelby Thurin leading the way with 14 points and 8 rebounds. Alli Borgman had 8 points and an astounding 15 rebounds.

Jaden Shelit was named all-state for the 2nd time in her prep career as she averaged 13 points per game this past season. Shelby Thurin averaged 8 points per contest and was named all-conference. Abby Gray, as well as Andrea Reifschneider also were named all-conference.

Looking ahead. Shelit will return next year as a senior so that's a big plus. Reifschneider and Gray will be back but Thurin will be leaving due to graduation. So Pine Bluffs will have some serious talent in 2021-22. We have a short video of this team to share with you. Enjoy!

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