This is the last big week for many teams, before the holiday break...and several ranked matchups are on the scheudle.

The 4A poll is unchanged from 1 week ago. It remains, Natrona, Gillette, Rock Springs, Evanston and East, although some of the votes were close. RS leads Evanston by just 1 point, while East has the same margain, on Sheridan and Star Valley. Every 4A team will be in Green River and/or Rock Springs this weekend competing in the Flaming Gorge Classic, except for the 2 Casper schools, which will host Billings, MT Senior and Billings, MT West. SV will try to challenge East for the #5 ranking on Thursday, but the game of the weekend has #2 Gillette vs. #4 Evanston in a matchup of unbeatens.

It's a tight race on top of the 3A poll as 2 points seperate #1 from #2. Buffalo retains the top as the top 4 are unchanged. It's the Bison, followed by Torrington, Wheatland, and Rawlins. Lander is the only team in the west to crack the top 5. Every ranked team, except Buffalo will be at the Lander Classic this weekend. The Bison will visit Cheyenne South, and then play at home vs. Powell. Ranked matchups this weekend have #5 Lander, hosting #3 Wheatland and #4 Rawlins...but the toughest schedule could belong to unranked Lyman, who has to play the Trailblazers, the Outlaws, and the Bulldogs...all within a 24 hour period.

The top dog in 2A for now is Lovell. The Bulldogs are the unanimous #1 in the polls and play nearby rivals in the next few days. Thursday at 3A Powell, Friday home vs. Greybull, and then next Tuesday at 3A Cody. #2 Big Horn will host the Foothills Classic this weekend along with Tongue River. Among the teams visiting will be #5 Wind River on Friday and #4 Wyoming Indian on Saturday. Kemmerer is now at #3 and the Rangers will be at the Flaming Gorge this weekend in Green River. The Rangers could have interesting games vs. 4A opponents. On Friday they play, #5 4A East, then on Saturday, they are at #3 4A Rock Springs.

The 1A poll is unchanged from last week, and there's not much excitement on the schedule, heading into the Holiday break. Little Snake River is still on top, followed by St. Stephens, H.E.M., Ten Sleep and Kaycee. The Rattlers play out of state foes this weekend, while the Eagles head to a tournament in Idaho. The Miners will play in Shoshoni at the Wrangler Invite, the Pioneers host Riverside and Arvada-Clearmont, and finally the Buckaroos are at home vs. Normative Services this weekend.

Voting Breakdown:

4A: Natrona with 8 1st place votes, and 3 2nd place votes, for a total of 52 points. Gillette with 2 1st's, 8 2nd's, and 1 3rd, for 45 points. Rock Springs with 6 3rd's, 3 4th's and 2 5th's, for 26 points. Evanston with 1 1st, 3 3rd's, 5 4th's and 1 5th, for 25 points. East with 2 4th's and 2 5th's, for 6 points. Star Valley with 1 3rd and 2 5th's, for 5 points. Sheridan with 1 4th, and 3 5th's, for 5 points. Laramie with 1 5th, for 1 point.

3A: Buffalo with 11 1st place votes, and 10 2nd place votes, for a total of 95 points. Torrington with 10 1st's, 10 2nd's and 1 3rd, for 93 points. Wheatland with 1 2nd, 12 3rd's, and 8 4th's, for 56 points. Rawlins with 7 3rd's, 12 4th's, and 2 5th's, for 47 points. Lander with 1 3rd, and 7 5th's, for 10 points. Douglas with 5 5th's, for 5 points. Newcastle, with 1 4th and 1 5th, for 3 points. Jackson with 3 5th's, for 3 points. Powell with 2 5th's, for 2 points. Cody with 1 5th, for 1 point.

2A: Lovell with 19 1st place votes, for a total of 95 points. Big Horn with 12 2nd's, 3 3rd's, and 3 4th's, for 63 points. Kemmerer with 11 3rd's, 6 4th's and and 2 5th's, for 47 points. Wyoming Indian with 7 2nd's, 4 3rd's, 2 4th's and 1 5th, for 45 points. Wind River with 1 3rd, 4 4th's and 8 5th's, for 19 points. Lusk with 3 4th's and 5 5th's, for 11 points. Moorcroft with 1 4th, for 2 points. Wright with 2 5th's, for 2 points. Tongue River with 1 5th, for 1 point.

1A: Little Snake River with 10 1st place votes, and 1 2nd place vote, for a total of 54 points. St. Stephens with 1 1st, 6 2nd's, 1 3rd, 1 4th, and 1 5th, for 35 points. H.E.M. with 4 2nd's, 5 3rd's, and 1 4th, for 33 points. Ten Sleep with 3 3rd's, 5 4th's and 2 5th's, for 31 points. Kaycee with 1 3rd, 2 4th's and 5 5th's, for 12 points. Cokeville with 1 3rd, 2 4th's and 1 5th, for 8 points. Burlington and Encampment with 1 5th each, for 1 point each.