Members of the Wyoming Coaches Association have voted on who they believe are the best boys soccer players in the state, regardless conference affiliation.

A player must make the all-conference list, in order to be considered for the all-state list.

Click here to see the 2014 all-conference list.



Noah Snider - Laramie

Alex Germann - Gillette (2012 and 2013 selection)

Tayton Montgomery - Central

Seth Romsa - Kelly Walsh

Colter Carzoli - Sheridan (2013 selection)

Alan Wendlandt - Rock Springs


Tristan White - Riverton (2013 selection)

Andrew Barnes - Laramie (2013 selection)

Camdin Hinkel - Gillette (2013 selection)

Tanner Trumble - Green River

Tyler Greener - Gillette (2013 selection)

Connor Shipman - Natrona

Robert George - Kelly Walsh (2013 selection)

Hayden Humphrey - Central


Gavin Worden - Laramie

Jaden Allen - Gillette

Lane Knievel - Gillette

Caleb Ogg - Riverton (2013 selection)

Lane Barten - Sheridan

Tony Menghini - Central

Logan Dahill - East

Brock Lancaster - Rock Springs


Andrew Hays - Gillette (2013 selection)

Kyle Russell - Laramie

Alexander Marchal - Green River




Will Horstman - Jackson (Senior) (2012 and 2013 selection)

Zane Hengel - Buffalo (Junior)

Garett Monroe - Buffalo (Senior)

Dane Abrams - Star Valley (Senior)

Tyler Ouellette - Powell (Senior) (2013 selection)

Kyle Leemon - Lander (Senior) (2012 and 2013 selection)


Josh Golmore - Jackson (Junior)

Juan Morillon - Jackson (Junior) (2012 and 2013 selection)

Cesar Garcia - Rawlins (Senior)

Mitchell Wilcox - Buffalo (Junior)

James Musselman - Buffalo (Junior) (2013 selection)

Brian Burton - Star Valley (Senior)

Eli Lowham - Lander (Senior)

Daniel Bolding - Lander (Junior) (2013 selection)


Adam Arredando - Lander (Senior)

Casey Winger - Lander (Senior)

Chandler Rodriguez - Buffalo (Senior)

Eric Pantuso - Star Valley (Senior)

Danny Becerra - Jackson (Sophomore)

Jimmy Hessler - Jackson (Junior)

Jordan Steckler - Cody (Senior)

Noah Katz - Powell (Senior)


Zach McIsaac - Cody (Freshman)

Creel Smith - Jackson (Senior)

Alex McAnelly - Torrington (Senior)

3A Upperclassman of the Year: Kyle Leemon - Lander

3A Underclassman of the Year: Daniel Bolding - Lander. There was some confusion at first, because the original email we got from the WCA said Daniel Lobera, then after checking with a number of coaches, it was determined that it was Bolding.