Highlights of the Saturday, April 14th boys soccer game, between #2 Jackson at Cody.

Scroll down to watch the highlights of the game!

Jackson would jump on Cody early and cruise for most the game.



Ah…my arch nemesis! That would be book reader at a game! Maybe he’s reading a book about soccer.

#2 Jackson at Cody…Broncs vs. Broncs…first half…Jackson wearing the black and they did not waste much time. James Lummis’s shot goes off of the goalie and into the back of the net. This game is only about 2 minutes old, and the score is already 1-to-nothing.

And it did not take long for the visitors to strike again. Pablo Arellano is off to the races and the defense had a hard time keeping up with him. The Cody goalie will try to rush out, but the senior had a back up plan in the works and it got the job done. The boys in black meant business early on, and they would jump out a quick 2-zip lead.

Cody would answer…Joe Caulton with a great assist to Devyn Brotherton, who will take care of the rest and knock the ball in from close range. That’s how you get the momentum back and the defending state champs were only down 2-to-1 at this point.

They would try to tie things up and this was a pretty good shot. Wyatt Fabrizio from 50 yards out…a little bit more and he would’ve gotten that ball over Danny Chavez, but the senior was not about ready to let another one get past him.

On the other end…Jackson was back on the attack. Will Horstman gets in between 2 defenders and he’ll beat them both and keep the ball on the ground and get it past the goalie so that his team can collect another point. The visiting Broncs would take a 3-to-1 advantage, going into halftime.

Second half…this highlight is a little hard to tell. Saldana Francisco with the header for Jackson…the Cody defender tried to make the block, but when the ball made contact with his foot…the line judge ruled that the ball crossed the goal line, so it counts. The ball does not have to go into the back of the net…it just has to cross the line. The boys in black now lead 4-to-1.

About 2 minutes later…here comes more. Danny Corona with a free kick from 20 yards out…and he found the clear path to net for a goal. Scoring-wise, things were starting to get out of hand and the senior started to get into it some with the fans. I know he was feeling it, but not really a good idea. The scoreboard now reads 5-to-1 and this game is not yet over.

Cody had to get something going soon, because they were in trouble. They call on Fabrizio…great hook around the wall of defenders but Chavez saw it coming. He’s been having a pretty good season so far.

Let’s wrap this up…Juan Morillon steps up to take a penalty kick for the visitors. Cody had to use the back-goalie, because the starter got a yellow card, and it did not make much difference. The freshman connects…he’s one of the leading scorers in the state Class 3A. Jackson would win this game in a rout…6-to-1.