Highlights of the Saturday, March 24th boys soccer game, between #1 Buffalo at #3 Cody.

Scroll down to watch the highlights of the game!

The Bison get goals from 3 different players to win a tough game on the road.



Gnarly dude! Not only is that rad, because he’s got some moves…it’s also rad that he’s wearing a helmet!

Number 1 Buffalo at Number 3 Cody…first half…Buffalo wearing the black…that first shot goes off the crossbar and stays in…but Mitchell Wilcox puts his head on the ball and knocks it between the goalies legs…that’s what shorties are supposed to do…the team calls him shorty. The Bison would take a 1-nothing lead.

On the other end…Cody was looking for an equalizer…Wyatt Fabrizio sets up the free kick, but Trey Jackson puts a little too much on the header try…the big man was in the right place at the right time…he just over-did it.

Let’s try this again shall we? Fabrizio puts the ball in play…and this time Greg Randolph will use his head and get the ball close to the net…Dan Dunn will try to chest-bump the ball in, but Kade Myers will recover just in the nick of time to swat it away. That was good play on both sides, but in the end…no points ended up being scored.

Later…the Bison trying a corner kick…Wyatt Witty puts his foot down and that ball is going in…no help required. That’s pretty good when you can pull that off. The visitors would enjoy a 2-nil lead, going into half-time.

2nd half…both teams now going the other way…Cody was trying to right the ship in this rematch of last year’s 3A title game…Fabrizio would get an assist on this one…off the cross bar and off of Myers’ back…goalies really hate it when that happens! The Broncs will take it…and the defending state champs are right back in this game, down 2-to-1.

The boys in black would try to fire back…Witty is going to try from long range again…this time though, it’s not from the corner…and Trey Kraut is able to swat the ball out of bounds…actually that’s what Witty was hoping for, because it would put him back into his favorite spot.

On the ensuing corner kick…not as strong this time, so Witty did need some help…and he got it from Garrett Monroe…that was an insurance goal that his team needed…as last year’s state runner-ups would get a measure of payback…winning this game on the road…3-to-1.