Highlights of the Saturday, May 5th boys soccer game, between #2 Laramie at #3 Cheyenne Central.

Scroll down to watch the highlights of the game!

After not scoring in the first half, both teams found the net once in the 2nd half, but neither could do anything after that.



Ahh…yeah, mom? Can you cancel my 2:30 nap? I got to finish up lunch and look pretty for all the cameras. Hollywood…here I come!

Number 2 Laramie at Number 3 Cheyenne Central…first half…Laramie wearing the gold…and trying to strike first. That ball almost got away from James Segrave, but he was able to recover and avoid a potential disaster.

Later…last year’s state runner-ups would keep trying. Here comes another shot that will bounce off of Segrave, but he had some back-up on his side, as the scoreboard still had a pair of zero’s on them…going into halftime.

2nd half…Central got called for a hand-ball in the box…Vitor Nazareth gets the call for the Plainsmen on the penalty kick try and he’ll use ground delivery. His team needed that one as they were trying to secure the number 1 seed going into the regional tournament. Visitors now lead 1-to-nothing.

The home team would strike back about 12 minutes down the road…and with some crafty ball movement. Aaron Gann with a header right before he collides with the goalie...and then Jac Collins will finish the job. Laramie wanted an offsides call but they did not get it. The Indians tie up the game at 1 goal a-piece and this game would eventually go into overtime.

Skipping ahead to the 2nd 10 minutes…this is about as close as one team can get without scoring. The visitors put just enough into this kick to get it over the goalie…but Matt Lindly…watch this save…off of the cross-bar and the ball stays in play. Remember the entire ball must cross the goal line completely in order for it to be a goal…and the line judge said that did not happen. We’re still tied.

Central was using their backup goalie at this point…his name is Brandon Troudt and he came through when it mattered.  Case in point…he slipped and fell down but still managed to make the save on this play. Not much else happened after that, and this game went into the books as a 1-1 draw.