Video highlights of the Thursday, December 18th, inter-class girls basketball game, between #4 4A Cheyenne Central vs. #3 3A Mountain View, played in Rock Springs.

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The Lady Indians tightened up their 2nd half defense against the Lady Buffalos, which enabled them to pull away.


Lunch time at school, let alone the food, might actually be more enjoyable if there were more basketball games going on. Too bad my school never thought of that.#4 4A Cheyenne Central vs. #3 3A Mountain View in an inter-class game at Rock Springs...first quarter...Mountain View wearing the white...Taylor Meeks takes the inside lob, and the 6 foot 2 inch junior had a pretty easy time scoring that close to the hoop...her team would jump out in front 6-to-2.

Central was quick to strike of the inbounds...Abby Fearneyhough launches one from the corner and connects...she put in 14 for the cause, and now her team is only down 6-to-5.

They would stay after it, and they had some big girls on their team as well. Makayla McBride is a 5-10 senior...this is a 7 foot jumper and she is used to making shots like that...pretty easy...and the Lady Indians would take a 7-to-6 lead.

The big girls on both sides were getting the job done in the early's Shan-i-a Aimone getting behind the defense and scoring a bucket...that would make sure the score would stay close, the Lady Buffalos trailing 10-to-8.

Back and forth this game would go for McBride has a defender right in front of her face, but she manages to get the ball up over and in, for another 2 points...Central was up 16-to-11, after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter...M-V would hang around...Marley Newton is going to take the long way around to get to the hoop, but it would be a fruitful endeavor and it got 2 points...and her squad is down 16-to-13.

The Lady Indians were looking for their chances to score and they found a few...such as this one to Fearneyhough and after a few friendly bounces, she would get the drop and that would move the score up to 18-to-15.

We have not yet seen the main weapon for Central, but she was out there...and here she is...Emily Evans is going to announce her presence on this 3...she was just getting her game started, and the scoreboard now reads, 21-to-15.

Mountain View was trying to keep pace...and had the speed to do it...Aubrey Newton is going to get the finish on the far side and that helped a little, but she and her team-mates are on the wrong end of a 24-to-17 score.

...and they would chip away at the deficit...Aimone was putting in her points, every time she could get close to the net...this bucket would keep her team within striking distance, down 24-21.

...but the Lady Indians had some big things in small packages...Evans is going to weave her way through the defenders and get the finish on the near side, to make this a 26-21 contest.

The Lady Buffalos still were relying on their height advantage...and sometimes it worked...Meeks will grab the offensive rebound and score, and they would stay within striking distance, down 30-26, going into halftime.

That must be one awesome book. I know, I know...grades are important, however, that's what the bus ride is for!

3rd quarter...this is what made the difference...and plays like this good on the 3, but the ball comes right back to Fearneyhough, who will drive and dish the assist to Sophie Seely and that got the job done. That would make this a 32-26 contest.

MV still had some fight in them...Madison Vitt would get the board and the putback...they only trail by it's 32-to-28, but things were beginning to fade offensively.

Central was getting the shots to drop, even if they were not the best in point...Evans was off balance, but gets the score and the foul...21 points were her numbers, and we have a 34-to-28 ball game. comes more...and the delivery was much better this time...Evans again from long range....good...the advantage was growing, with the scoreboard reading 37-to-28.

The senior was heating up and taking charge...3 more...count it! Nothing but net. A 10-zip run, and the lead is in double digits now, with the Lady Indians ahead 42-to-28.

Mountain View needed to stop the! Vitt was the only one getting anything accomplished...they need more than that, down 42-to-30.

...and to further illustrate...Vitt was the only one who scored the entire quarter for the Lady Buffs. Yes every bit counts, but the rest of the team needed to get its act together...trailing 42-32.

Meanwhile Central's team-work was more successful...although Evans was on fire and her team-mates just had to get the ball to her...time is running out and she will beat the buzzer! Everything was going her way, and she has her squad ahead 45-to-32, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...the defense tightened up on Evans, but that just meant someone else would have to step up...Claire Swanson would answer the call on this play. Things were starting to get out of reach, with the score at 47-to-32 at this point.

The comeback trial was going to be a long one for the Lady Buffs...and time was not going to allow all of it to happen either...Newton is going to break the drought, but the damage had been done. The absence of a second half offense did them in, as they would fall, 55-to-38.