Video highlights of the Friday, May 8th 4A Boys Soccer Game, between Green River at #2 Natrona.

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Down 2-nothing against the Wolves with 14 minutes to go, freshman Danny Diaz needed 6 minutes to turn everything around for the Mustangs, and assure NC of a state tournament bid, after missing out last year.



Either someone has been playing Mary Poppins for too long, or that umbrella is at least 51 years old and has been used a few times too many. Hope you were able to stay dry.

Green River at #2 Natrona...first half...Green River wearing the green and knocking on the door...Chase Erickson whiffed on the kick...goalie Tanner Conley missed getting ahold of the ball, and then Tanner Trumble could not cash in on an open net. There were several missed opportunities on that play, and maybe the wet field conditions had something to do with it.

Later...the Wolves with a free kick opportunity...Taten Knight does the honors...Gregory Marchal's header try hits the cross bar and the ball stays in play, but Trumble would redeem himself for his earlier miscue. That would get his boys on the board first...up 1-to-nothing.

Natrona would try to answer back...Danny Diaz with his own free kick try from 25 yards out...he had the right approach and all Alex Marchal could do was swat the ball out of bounds. Just like a defensive player in football...if you can't make the interception...knock the ball down or away. The score would remain 1-nil going into halftime.

Second half...G-R figured if it worked once...try something similar...Knight again the delivery...and Trumble would complete the connection for another goal. The Wolves have been hunting down their prey so far, and are now ahead 2-zip.

The Mustangs did not give's just that the breaks were not going their's a header try by Diaz, and he put put too much oompf on it. He was probably wondering why #11 on the other team was having more success...but his time would come soon.

That time was when there was about 14 minutes left in the game...we got a log jam in front of the net...the ball squirts loose...Diaz would keep it on the ground and find a lane into the back of the net...NC needed that one, but they are still trailing 2-1, so they have more work to do.

About 5 minutes later...the visitors were having some trouble trying to clear out the ball...and they would pay for it. Diaz fires a hard shot from close range and Marchal could not handle it. Not sure if that is defined as an own goal, but the home team will take it, because now the score is tied at 2, plus there's still 9 minutes to play.

...and Diaz and company needed only 1 of those 9 it up...gets it back...aims for the far goal post and gets the bounce. The freshman would show why he's the leading scorer in the state Class 4A...3 goals in less than 6 minutes...he had a 4th goal taken away by an offsides call, but it did not matter. After missing out on the state tournament last year, Natrona is assured of a spot this year. They would snatch a victory in this game...3-to-2.