Highlights of the Saturday, September 21st, 6-Man Football Game, between #1 Dubois at #4 Hulett.

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Behind Sterling Baker's 6 TD's, the Rams would run over the Red Devils in 6-man action.



How would you like to watch a game from way up there. All you need is a good set of binoculars.

#1 Dubois at #4 Hulett...first quarter...Dubois wearing the white...this is the opening kickoff and the visitors got to work immediately...Sterling Baker picks up the ball at about the 7...he's trying to bring it back...gets tripped up some, but manages to stay on his feet...he's still in a log jam, but then he realized that he has team-mates...lateral to Kurt Leseburg and the junior will finish the job, and go untouched the rest of the way. It's a touchdown for the defending 6-man state champs, and they lead 8-to-nothing.

That lit a fire under Hulett and they would respond...Story Penning is thinking about throwing...sees the pressure coming...but then he also sees a seam down the far side-line and takes off...good blocking on the run and he'll elude a few guys at the end on what would be a 50 yard run...and the home team is right back in this game...we're tied at 8.

It was a long road trip for the Rams...but long runs made up for it...Baker is not going to be denied on this one..he thought about cutting back in, but then he stayed the course and off he goes...65 yards...the last defender barely got a hand on him, but it was not enough to make the stop...the visitors are back on top by a score of 16-to-8.

The Red Devils were able to hang and turn this contest into a slug fest in the early goings...Keaton Stevens has to throw...you can't cross the line of scrimmage without giving the ball to a team-mate first...he'll manage to buy himself some time with some elusive moves and then find Reece Jolley from 10 yards out...conversion no good, but the home team is only down 16-14.

We're still in the first quarter...and Baker is an all around guy...he can run and he can throw...he'll go over the middle to Rowan Hawk for what would turn into a 39-yard TD play...Dubois would increase their advantage a little bit...now it's 22-to-14.

They would get the ball back...and guess who again? Baker tried one way...hits the brakes, and then decided the other way was much easier...there was more room to run. 20 yards and 6 more points...the visitors were in decent shape, leading 30-to-14 after the first 10 minutes.

2nd quarter...they were knocking on the door again...but their own weakness showed up...Nathan Moore is not that weakness...actually it's hanging onto the ball...reaching out in a crowded situation is not a good idea...the ball came loose before it crossed the goal line...Hulett will recover for the touchback and that saved them points, because they were already trailing.

They'd try to take it back the other way and make something happen, but the Dubois D would cool them off...Baker is actually going to come in and rip the ball loose and wind up with it himself. That's one way to get a turnover and now his boys can get back to work.

As a reward...the Rams would let him score again...2 yards is too easy, although he tried to make that look more difficult that what it was...now the scoreboard reads, 38-to-14.

On their next possession...Baker with the ball again...but he wants to spread the love...he's going deep for 30 yards...and hits Walker Carrico in the process, who will haul it in for another score...the champs were taking command of this one...up 44-to-14.

The fire was not out yet out for the Red Devils...but they had to take a risk...Stevens want to go deep himself...Wyatt Bears reels in the throw, but he still had a little more work to do, but he would score on a 63 yard pass play and find the promised land...but the home team still had more work to do...trailing 44-to-20 going into halftime.

3rd quarter...the long ball worked before for the home team...so why not try it again? One problem...the opposition was ready for it this time...Hawk will make the interception and get a decent return, which would put Dubois back in business once again.

Now I know this only 6-man...but Baker has some skill regardless...he'll reverse once...he might have something, but the D was quick to respond...but check out the stiff arm...you try to Ram a Ram and you are going to lose...another change in direction and he might go all the way on this one...but you also have to give credit to the other team...they did not give up on this play...Baker would fumble and recover and he almost made it...down to the 2 and that was a pretty remarkable play no matter what.

On the next play...Hawk would get the honors and score himself...the visitors were beginning to dominate this game, leading 52-to-20.

Later...here comes Baker again...he's hard to stop...no matter how much room he has...14 yards for his 3rd rushing score...and remember he threw for 2 earlier, so the count is up to 5...Dubois would have the score tripled up...leading 60-to-20 going into the last 10 minutes.

4th quarter...the game may have been over on the scoreboard...but credit to the Red Devils...they did not pack it in, but they had to work for it...Penning thought about throwing, then he figured he better take the long way around...it looked longer than 8 yards, but that's what he got and 6 points...now it's a 60-to-26 score.

They would get another chance and they made the best of it...Penning will shovel the ball to Stevens and he's off to the races and he will see you later...50 yards and gone to the other end...if only they did plays like that earlier...the score would be closer...but 60-to 32 is not bad in 6-man really.

However...any chance of a comeback was killed on the ensuing kickoff...good idea on the pooch kick, but the one guy that Hulett did not want to see with the ball, got it...Baker has just too much skill and he knows how to dodge tacklers in an open field...55 yards and gone...that was the back-breaker if it has not happened already...visitors still lead 66-to-32.

Time was the enemy and all the home team could do now was try to make the final outcome a little more respectable...Penning actually had a pretty good sell on this play...as he'll zig zag his way in from 16 yards...but Baker and company were just too much to handle in this one...final score...Dubois wins 66-to-40.